Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Thank You For The Music - Abba

As the Party Season continues, I seem to be getting further and further disorganised. In the rush to meet the deadline for Tuesdays post and a little Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin) I arrived home after midnight both too late and making a right ‘pot mess’ of it. A few amendments have been made along with corrections to spelling.
PS it may be of interest to some readers to visit the Comments Box associated with Mondays post.
 Fantastic that my return coincides with the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend but, as is all too often the way, the weather stepped in. I wouldn't describe myself as a true royalist, neither am I anti but have fond memories of how such holidays can turn into a riot of fun - so game on! Waiting for the arrival of my friend Lesley Brown
looking along the Weymouth seafront there was hardly
a person in sight.
The traditional Weymouth illuminations have been replaced this year by a system of 'laser lights' which thus far have proved ineffectual..
Never mind, the Olympic Tower seemed to be working very well, and even though not yet opened to the public has all the potential of a great experience.
Lots of us were mustered in Hope Square, the al fresco part of town,
where the rock band 'REPLAY' were ready to entertain the increasing crowd with their own brand of '60 rock classics.
There is never a shortage of people to meet or reacquaints of those not seen for a while here, and first on the scene was Chunky in his giraffe skin shoes and purple hair and goaty, along with wife Nicky looking effervescent as ever.
I was having a time of my life and starting to behave like a naughty schoolboy
but that isn't illegal so I just got on with it.
After Hope Square we decamped to the Quayside at the Town Bride where impresario Danny Adams was waiting with my 'Access All Areas' pass. Beer and food awaited and this was sure to impress my lady friend??
 As ever a serious mix of rock 'n' roll and to my disgust cannot remember the names of the bands.
One name I had no trouble remembering was that of Alex Robinson who was my travelling companion through Sri Lanka in 2006.
and what about all those lovely young people these events attract, great to meet them even though by now I was starting to misbehave.
The evening ended with some serious Rock 'n' Roll and we all went home quite contented even though the lasers didn't work. They will one day!

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