Sunday, 24 June 2012

Welcome to My World - Jim Reeves

Yet another early start, yet more rain and yet more wind so if it continues like this for much longer there is sure to be a 'hosepipe ban'! A wander along the West Cliff from Tout Quarry to the Obelisk was thought as good as any route to hopefully get to grips with The Lurker, but there had been no further news or sightings so I will expand on this tomorrow. At least one thing became clear during the walk, that it was considered the dullest for wildlife so far this year, so much so I caught the bus back without a visit to the Observatory, lucky then there is a magical experience with photographs left over from yesterday.

Looking from afar and being in the vicinity anyway, there was no way I was going to miss out on Weymouth's latest attraction. Unlike many of my generation, who sit on the bus day after day bemoaning everything about our town
I was quickly down to the Pleasure Pier buying my ticket to join those already aloft.
Just a close-up of this new structure, which was finished well within the predicted build time and under budget was worth the walk,
and accommodating about 30 pax at a time there was little of a wait.

These 2 bubbly young ladies scanned our tickets and quickly
showed us to our seats, where I met the Coordinator (standing) and Film Producer (obscured) of the Big Red Ball Project also doing the rounds of the Borough this week-end. It is hoped to bring you more of that tomorrow.
No requirement for seat belts or safety brief, we were soon 'flying' high above the pier.
Our seats were facing south as we reached the top, looking out over the rest of the Pleasure Pier, Stone Pier and the eastern tip of the Nothe Fort more distantly, but the whole gondola was about to rotate.
The Nothe Fort was soon fully in view, protecting the eastern end of the Outer Harbour with the Isle of Portland in the far distance.
Twisting towards the south west, the vista changed to the Ferry Port (car park), Pavilion Theatre and the western end of Weymouth's Outer Harbour.
The Lifeboat peaking out above the Theatre,
as we turned further to catch a first sight of our world renowned Georgian Sea-Front and equally acclaimed Golden Sands.
The Hotel Rex, Victoria and Weymouth Bars, a number of Night Clubs and some of the Beach Facilities.
The safe batheing waters of Weymouth Bay
and what was once one of the temporary residences of King George III, now the Royal Hotel.
Further round and starting to seek the north
the old Pier Bandstand which in its original condition (pushing much further into the Bay) saw a whole history of entertainment from Roller Skating to Rock 'n' Roll and Wrestling to Restaurants - gone are the days!
St John's Church, centre, now the only Weymouth church with a spire.
The large white building centre is the Riviera Holiday Hotel and Camp, formerly Pontin's,
while not unexpectedly, given the soon to be upon us Olympic Sailing Event in our town, racing yachts practising in the Bay.
Almost full rotation now and above the tall trees of the Nothe Gardens one of the Portland Harbour Walls (built by Napoleonic Prisoners) and what used to be the Royal Navy (RN) Diving Unit all overshadowed by the eastern end of Portland itself. All of the area where the white buildings stand is Portland Port also once a property of the RN.
Further round still the West Cliffs of Portland open to view overlooking the National Sailing Academy and what will soon be opened as the Olympic Village.
Just to add the Cherry to an already fine cake, a COMMON TERN flew below us during the decent.
In all the excitement I failed to note how many revolutions it did (3 or 4 for sure) but was taken by the most professional commentary which was at a perfect volume and very informative. A HUGE Thank You to all concerned.
As if all of this were not enough excitement for one day, there was also the World War II Veteran's Rally
with representatives from the USA - how did it go? Over Paid, Over Sexed and Over Here!
 and let's not loose sight of the fact that if it were not for gentlemen such of this there would be no show and Weymouth wouldn't qualify as The Best Town In The World!

Let's finish today's post with a final spin on the Weymouth Sea-Life Tower
Unfortunately, the full video panorama has to be brought to you in 3 sections as the whole thing was simply too much for the site to upload. However, if it plays we feel sure it will bring yet another dimension to this fantastic 'flight'!
PS - these clips really don't do the experience much justice but are issued just as an idea of what to expect!

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