Monday, 23 July 2012

Blue Angel - Roy Orbison

My third day at Parley Court and the very first I have experienced to be completely cloudless, no wonder then reports have been coming in of traffic jams and Service Station full to breaking point further north. There was never a finite date for my departure and there's never any knowing when 'this lot' will let me go, so each evening I have continued 'tunneling' to effect an escape. Meanwhile, the day has been filled with aimless wanderings around the property, one of my absolute favourites.
London Transport, Diesel-Engined 97-Horsepower Omnibus (Flanders and Swann) contrast sharply, the latter on its way to convey the Bride and Groom to the reception at the Manor House.
At the Equestrian Centre business appears to be booming, today the clientele we strictly young people.
Flowers of a 'wanted' nature bloom in the herbaceous border within the Manor garden,
while elsewhere prolific and poisonous RAGWORT is not so welcome especially around horses.
The Memsahib (Janet) keeps the verges trimmed with tones of the Genesis classic "I Know What I Like In Your Wardrobe". As the sun beats down I lie on the bench, you can always hear them talk. 'Cus me I'm just a Lawnmower you can tell by the way I walk.
Aircraft continue buzzing in and out of Bournemouth International Airport ( we even caught brief glimpses of the Red Arrows today)
as LILYs flower in
PARLEY POND. Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful, pictures of Lily help me sleep at night. The Who.
If you have had enough of the unseasonable weather, what about this from Frampton on Severn, Gloucester, first-summer Redwing trapped and ringed this morning, now even the birds are totally confused. A Redwing is a northern Thrush rarely associated with English summer months.
From my former 'ship-mate' Paul Knapp, the image of a female ROE DEER close to the Granby Estate, Weymouth (a built up area) where she is reported as weening 2 Fawns.
and finally from Willie Downs, up there in Bonny Scotland, a series of amazing shots of the BLUE ANGELS a US Aerobatic Display Team. Blue_Angel Link

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