Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan

My final day at Parley Court, only because the food and wine have run out, and just time for a wander around the farm with the Lord of the Manor.
The recent floods have had something of a devastating effect on crops,
with the last attempt at 'spreying' ending in bog down. The good news comes from the Crop Inspector who visited yesterday pronouncing that the Maize is savable.
Things are somewhat better at the turf fields, where already several acres have been cut and the bare ground taken over by
thousands of these Toadstools.
The other half of the field looks ripe for cropping.
Close by stands this HIMALAYAN BALSAM which I'd identified as Japanese Knotweed before being put right by Hugh.
The ponds at the north end of the property always seem to paint a beautiful picture
but a little too bright this morning spoilt the photo just a bit.
Small birds were also much in evidence with Chiffchaffs singing all along the way,
and what were thought to be juvenile WILLOW WARBLERs also in good numbers.
A quick shot of a BLUE TIT on a nut feeder was followed by
a host of THISTLE,
my first COMMA Butterfly of the year, showing the 'punctuation mark' from where it gains its name,
before spreading its wings to reveal the full glory.
A much better day for Butterflies all round including this SMALL TORTOISESHELL, Large and Small White, Red Admiral, Ringlet and Gatekeeper.
News has been received from the Els Camp that Big Ernie has pulled out of next years 'Open',
I wonder why??
The little white dot, front of picture, was my best effort but distributed a few balls across the Driving Range to make things look good.

Arriving in Weymouth this afternoon, along with a full compliment of Bus Pass Holder on the X53 service from Poole, the beach was ram-jam packed with searing skins under a cloudless sky, I was already 'twitching'. I'll need to get among that lot tomorrow hopefully soaking up the carnival atmosphere as a prelude to the Olympic Games. There was also another satisfying moment on the bus as I struck up conversation with 2 young Colombians presently on long term studies in Bournemouth. Hoping to reach Lulworth Cove, I was only too pleased to help and consulting the bus drive put the young lady and equally young man off at Wareham to catch the No40 'Breezer'. It would have been great loss indeed not to give them my e-mail address in the hope a day out in Portland and Weymouth can be arranged for the future - dos cervezas, por favor”.
.......and just as the sun comes out and I start to really enjoy my favourite hobby, cocking everything up and getting my facts wrong, someone comes along to spoil it! With reference to yesterday's post of the Blue Angels, Willie writes:-

Ship Ahoy....Capt.....!
I see no ships.......Only hardships............!  :)
From one character to another........
Loving that Blog of yours......Great! Passed it on to so many people....
Now! This is Willie Downes.....(With an 'E'). And.....I'm from Blandford,
Dorset.....So...Not to far away.....
Well, actually I'm originally from Sicily.......Not Scotland......Scotland....!
Love It.......
HaHa!  Take Care.............!  Willie..........!

1,000 apologies 'Willy' and hope you won't get DownEs about it - as ever good to hear from you.


  1. I understand that Big Ernie is pulling out because he is concerned about getting hit on the head by a hooked T shot coming from another hole.{:)

  2. That was my 'secret weapon' if he should show up Roy! Have also received an invite to STAR at St Andrews, keep your eye on the Idiot's Lantern.
    Yours Bagsy