Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Games People Play - Joe South

A little hurried today - friends arriving imminently - table booked for 19:30 - drinks before and after - bon apatite
In an attempt to highlight to the readership the progress that has been made towards the Olympic Festivities, I took an early morning walk around Weymouth Town this morning and before long I was absolutely buzzzzzzzzzzing!
A jet airliner flying over my house gave a contrasting view to the clear blue sky only marred, as I reached the sea front, by no more than a wisp of high cirrus cloud.
That was quickly forgotten as I noted that all roads leading to the town now have a 'Smily' badge
and a WELCOME to all our guests.
Most boats in Weymouth Harbour are now bedecked with 'bunting', but a pity 'SPIRIT', 2nd row, had his Union Flag flying upside down. 

No matter, as I was quickly onto the sea-front even before the town's workforce had arrived, marvelling at the newly refurbished Victorian Shelters, the usual early morning cleanliness of our unique sands,
the Royal Hotel
and once again  King George III surveying what was once his realm from a lofty perch.
INSPIRATION for ALL I would have thought as now some sort of flag or banner flaps from every halyard in town.
The program of Rock 'n' Roll over the next few week is without parallel, I have been a keen 'muso' here since the damned stuff was invented but have never seen the likes of 200 acts perform over a 17 days period. I will endeavour to publish a program before the kick off!
'Public Enemy No 1' hereabouts at the moment is Mister Doldrum who is being hunted by everyone in town. All of the Olympic Sailors are going to need at least a breath of wind and have to admit to being sorely tempted to add to the poster one verse from that classic 'maratime hymn' The Good Ship Venus'.
 The first mate's name was Carter,
By God he was a f*rt*r,
When the winds didn't blow
and the ship wouldn't go,
They got Carter the F*rt*r to start her.
As scaffold towers were being dismantles and the final chocks were hammered home, tall cranes were also
being demobbed to leave the site,
just leaving marquees, stages, viewing platforms etc ready to greet the crowds. For my own entertainment, I was determined to 'poke my nose' into as many corners as possible, with first and maybe most exciting being
Weymouth's new International Airport,
complete with brand spanking new Jet Airliner.
The brainchild of 'artist' Richard Hartnell, you will all now be able to take a 'flight' along one of the Natural Wonders of the World - The Jurassic Coast. Richard permitted me a preview of his work, and I can report a not to be missed experience wait for you all right on your doorstep. For more information visit:-
WEYMOUTH PAVILION offers and endless programme of entertainment.
You could talk all day about the Olympic and Millennium Stadia, The Velodrome, various other pitches. courts and arenas, but have you ever seen one with a 'BACKDROP' like this. It would be simple MADNESS to miss such an occasion - so no more MOANING on the bus please!
Behind the Pavilion noted above, are even more attractions including a FUN FARE,
another Music Venue (I can hardly wait for UK PINK FLOYD, T.REXTASY and BACKBEAT BEATLES) just a £5'er a time so I am told,
a BEER BAR big enough to slake anyone's thirst,
oh look, just in time here come the provisions. The young lady on the 'dog 'n' bone allowed me 'access all areas, to bring you these shots.
The Driftwood Flotilla just outside of this complex, along with
the Sea Life Tower and
excellent views across the Bay to the Purbecks.
I hadn't seen my ol' mate Joe Bowring for more than 20 years so what a great surprise to find him doing similar to myself - Best Wishes Joe!
At Weymouth's Outer Harbour more boats 'dressed overall', the Weymouth Lifeboat and so much more for locals and tourists alike to see.
I don't think I've ever seen so many power generators in my life
so it was interesting to watch this one being loaded onto a barge for transport to the South Quay where there are several fine restaurants and public houses.
The north side of the Town Bridge also has its share of facilities with a personal recommendation being The RENDEZVOUS !
A quick look back on the SANDS to find them full of sun-worshipers,
as the PRESS HELICOPTER filmed and reported from above.
The only disinterest I could find all day was a TERN fishing
and fish turning. Common Tern and Grey Mullet


  1. Thank you too whoever you are City.

  2. Watch you from France central - love the photos of Weymouth - you are a very good blogger thank you so much

  3. Merci Mademmoiselle.
    I hope to bring you more pictures of the beautiful 'backdrop' Portland offers to the Olympic Games on tomorrows post. The excitment is really mounting here now and Lesley and I will be at the Opening of the Games tomorrow evening on Weymouth Sea Front. I dedicte tomorrows post to you and hope you can share the link with all your family and friends.
    Best Wishes Bagsy

  4. Thankyou - I love Portland and it was a treat to see your photographs.