Wednesday, 4 July 2012

If It Keeps On Rainin', Levee's Goin' To Break!

 If it keeps on rainin', Levee's goin' to break,
 When the Levee breaks I'll have no place to stay.
My Olympic Dream has been well and truly shattered by 2 drug soaked cheats. What do I tell my grandsons now, "whatever you do in life just CHEAT and all well and good if you get away with it, if not some FOOL will let you off later, in the name of your human rights". Don't this disgusting pair even have the self dignity to bow out gracefully and not mar what is the greatest sporting showcase in the world. For my part the TV won't even go on, and as for ticket holders, every arse on a seat in that stadium when these 2 perform is a vote to say 'drug abuse' is OK - search your own conscience.
That's the Posh Sausage, aka David Frampton, with Sheila Edwards at The Swan public house last night where the latter took us out for an impromptu dinner. Dave, who I don't see as often as I used to, was also a Sea Captain working on a number of ships together as we both rose through the ranks. Despite the rain not easing for a second we had a great evening, ending with a look at the new laser lights along the sea front - a little disappointing.

The rain did abate overnight, but by early morning it had once again been replaced by dense fog but not enough to deter a run to Portland Bill.
Unfortunately, there was little to see except at the Bird Observatory where the last of the 4 BEDSTRAW HAWK MOTHs had emerged from the chrysalis,
this strange FUNGI was found by the roadside

and not far away a COMMON BUZZARD was surveying the possibilities of a meal from a high perch,
at least until I got too close.

The final photograph of the day was of LACY SCORPIONWEED (see Comments) as the rain started again at noon. So, I will finish with a return to
and the city of Xi'an which has more than just the Terracotta Warriors. These street scenes were taken in the Muslim Quarter where there is much to do and see among some lovely people.
A short flight to the capital Beijing and the longest covered Corridor in the World

and The Forbidden City.
The base of my second favourite man made Wonder of the World is a good vantage point to survey the
climb that was before us.

Physical fitness prevents most from going too far, but we did at least make it to the Guard House on the skyline where,
looking back you get a better idea of the enormity of this structure. It was better still from the aircraft at fairly low level.
Great Wild Goose Temple
where intricate repairs to the structure were underway.
The Temple of the Great Harvest.
and finally a visit to a silk spinning factory.
Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home.
                                                                    Memphis Minnie


  1. Hi Bagsy - Rather than Field Scabious, perhaps Lacy Scorpion Weed, Phacelia tanacetifolia (which I had never heard of before!)

  2. Thanks for your comment Leathwaite, and yes I'll go with that! It's difficult enough being a Botanical Numpty but when such a plant doesn't even feature in Collins or Garrard and Streeter then what chance I. Always welcome being put right.
    Yours aye.