Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie

There was a small moment of panic as I sprang from my bunk early morning, I thought I'd gone deaf! It wasn't until the local Herring Gulls flashed up that I realised all was well, it was just that there was no wind or rain trying to shatter the windows. A great day then for another wander around Portland, but that was before the Secret Lemonade Drinker phoned to say that he was still in pursuit of the elusive Dipper and we were going to Lyme Regis.
Time then to visit the cemetery where although my hearing was not impaired I rather wished I had remained dumb. It was stated at the time that I might be tempting providence as the wild flowers here were still in tact, but no more I'm afraid, all had been smashed to a mulch.
However, close by and at the end of Pottery Lane there is a small plot of what may be described as 'waste land' which now produces its own array of flowers, and it was today that they all seemed to bloom. Don't know what the top one is, but TEASEL centre and

Gary picked me up on the sea front and en-route we only stopped along the A35 to look over the Dorset Downlands toward the villages of Long and Little Bredy
Not a lot of people at LYME and finding a car park close to the sea, we took a look across the bay to the COBB and further round along

A search along the lower reaches of the RIVER LYM came to nought as far as the Dipper was concerned,
but there was a rather splendid  GREY WAGTAIL in full voice.

We walked up as far as the road but decided that this month was not the best to see this novel little bird.
HERRING GULLs seem to be doing well here,
while the 'Banksy' Egret remains in place
and don't forget to get your money back!

Time for a quick photo call at the town Clock Tower
before we crossed the county border, with no problems with Visas, into Devonshire and the Black Hole 
Nature Reserve. Not a lot going on there, but a couple of Common Sandpiper, Shelduck with young, a Little Egret, 3 Redshank, 4 Curlew and a single WHIMBREL (a 'year tick for me) kept us entertain before moving on to
the 'REBEL TOWN' of COLYTON. As time is short I'll not caption each photograph
but just hope you enjoy this mini visual tour! 
On the way back, and just half a mile west of the village of Swyre on the B3157, Secret suggested we visit one of his favourite watering holes 'THE EGG CUP'.
Succulent ham, new laid eggs and perfectly cooked chips was complimented by one of the best cups of coffee in many a day,
we would both strongly recommend and suggest a visit.

If extra incentive were needed take a look at the view from the garden, a reciprocal of the one from the A35 earlier, and a warm friendly welcome why not take a drive out for breakfast or a late tea.
Finally, a couple of images from a little further afield, France in fact, where our friends Paul and Annie Harris have recently enjoyed a short break. Paul reports the moth traps to have been bulging with real goodies and by way of interesting bonus


and PREYING MANTIS - Thanks for the contributions Paul.


  1. Been to the Egg Cup. Superb.

  2. Secret is a veteran and I was most impressed, simple fare well prepared and served.
    Cheers Paul,