Friday, 6 July 2012

Ticking Away the Moments That Make Up A Dull Day

With prospect of another dry day it was worth the extra effort of being at the Supermarket at 05:30 with that mundane task being completed within the hour. Gloomy thus far, by the time I reached the ever changing face of Weymouth sands the sky even looked as if it were brightening but certainly not warm enough to take off the coat.
Where the contractors there preparing for another beach landing? No!
Or was it a re-make of Lawrence of Arabia? I think not! No, it was preparation of the walkways and plinth for the arrival of the Olympic Flame next week. We'll endeavour to keep you posted.
Along at the bus stop, it looked as if there was a swimmer in difficulty but it was soon apparent that it was 
a Life Boat drill, albeit on a surf board. Within a very short time the rescuer reached the casualty and deftly
flipping the board quickly rolled him onboard.

It was then just a matter of paddling back to the shore, which again was expertly done.
All was safely gathered in by the time I got on the bus, but little did I know that things were set to rapidly go down hill from then on. The rain started the very second I stepped onto Portland soil and there was to be no mercy. Hurrying to the Observatory I grabbed a quick coffee then decided to cut my losses and start, given the conditions, would be a long plod back to the bus. Only a few pace up Bill Road the same bus approached and the driver most kindly picked me up, some consolation for another thoroughly wet day. I am ever the optimist, but already I have visited the archive for tomorrows contribution - talk to you then!

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