Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sealed With A Kiss - Brian Hyland

Photographs can be viewed more clearly and in larger format by 'left clicking' on the first image then scrolling.
It would be safe to assimilate Cork with the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival in as much that if you can remember it you weren't there. Good job then that we had the cameras clicking away both day and night. This morning it was an early taxi ride to the outskirts of the city and to the world famous
On the way our driver pointed out the home of footballer Roy Keen.
Set in hundreds of acres of beautiful parkland
complete with lots of beautiful people who you would be able to see if those 2 idjuts (as the Paddy's say) would get out of the frekin' way!
Of course the Castle is mostly famous for the
which has the effect on he who kisses it thus
The un-eloquent (if there is such a word) were about to be converted, while
 already some were being initiated 
high above,
our turn would come later but first a look around the Castle Grounds.
Visiting the Troglodytes.
For unknown reasons, I had always imagined the Blarney Stone to be a well close to the river but as previously stated it is high on the castle ramparts, now began the long climb with fantastic sights en-route.
There were a good number of tourists but little of a wait as we finally approached the ritual site.
First problem for the 'Skinny Kids' amongst us was getting down on you back, not a problem in the days when I was suppose to have been working.
Today there was a bit of creaking before grabbing the support rails either side.
 THE KISS (Gustav Klimt).
and on the subject of 'eloquence', there's always one who has to lower the tone. The sign quite clearly said NO TONGUES - Yuk!
We all passed with flying colours and just compare with the image above, OOZING ELOQUENCE or what? Final port of call within the Castle Grounds was a most interesting
Our Leader usually has a trick or two up his sleeve and we were now about to be led to a meeting with 
 The Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash who was known to visit a pub just across the road
It took a full 'four pints' before Jim came to the conclusion he had got it wrong and we decanted to the
just a few paces away. "Aye to be sure, to be sure this is the place", famous last words of Jim the Medic, no one within had a clue what the hell he was on about and also pointed out that Cash had past away a full 9 years ago. It was 13:00 as we entered the pub for a couple more and a bite to eat followed by a return to Garnish House to spruce up for the evening. As a footnote it would be appropriate to make mention of the hugely warm welcome we have received during the trip so far. The professionalism, kindness, help etc of taxi drivers, bar and restaurant staff, along with the general public and all else has made this a great visit, we were not to know there was even better to come that evening which will have to wait for tomorrow's post.
So pleased to be back in the saddle with service returned to normal.

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