Monday, 27 August 2012

Tiger Feet - Mud

I thought my luck had changed first thing this morning as there was a tickling sensation on my chest. No such luck, it was simply this fine specimen that had chosen to share my bed for a while, thankfully I didn't squash it!
A SPIDER wanders aimlessly within the warmth of a shadow,
Not the regal creature of border caves.
But poor, misguided and directionless
 Familiar of some obscure Scottish poet.
The mist crawls from the canal
Like a primordial phantom of romance
To curl, under a cascade of neon pollen.
While I sit tied to the phone like an expectant father.
Your carnation will rot in a vase.
Brief Encounter, the prelude to the Bitter Suite by Marillion. 
after all that excitement there was little more during the day than:-
The wet weather has been good for exposing many thousands of Slugs and SNAILs.
More GULLs
with c2 parent GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLs tending a small family
of c3 juveniles.
Otherwise, with only a PIED WAGTAIL coming within camera range, it was a quick scamper to the Bird Observatory to check out what had been caught in the Moth Traps overnight. Among many others there were representatives of
Still some HOUSE MARTIN nestlings in Southwell Village.
Now, here's justice for you! (1) You capture and drag one of the most magnificent beasts on earth from it's natural environment and confine it to an Internment Camp, (2) You put it in the charge of what are unarguably self defining 'INCOMPETENT' human beings. (3) The afore mentioned leave the cage door wide open, proof if proof were needed. (4) The Tiger then follows its natural instincts and mauls to death one of the 'screws'! (5) Then the so called Senior Guardian of the Beasts takes a gun and murders it in 'cold blood' without further ado????
My view:- why not have left the hapless beast (or its fore-fathers) where they are suppose to be naturally, and what a pity it only managed to get one of the Incompetents!
Final Score
Screws 1  -  Wildlife 1

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