Thursday, 2 August 2012

Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young to Die - Jethro Tull

My friend Pat Shearing paid a whirlwind overnight visit to view properties in Weymouth in the hope of settling here in the future. Coinciding with her arrival, was an e-mail from Janet Read informing me of the information below.
Olympic Boat Arrives in Weymouth for Sailing Event

Collective Spirit - the Olympic boat  
Collective Spirit took a year to build and is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 20 knots. A boat made from donated timber to celebrate the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad has arrived in Weymouth, Dorset, after its maiden voyage. The 9m (30ft) vessel, built at Thornham Marina in Emsworth, Hampshire, is made from about 1,200 pieces of wood. One of Jimi Hendrix's guitars makes up the tiller while a leftover plank from the London 2012 velodrome was also utilised. Collective Spirit is on display at the Sand Jetty until 11 August. The craft was built by Mark Covell, a Portsmouth boat builder and Sydney 2000 silver medallist, and Lymington yacht designer Simon Rogers. Professional skipper, Captain Mike Barham has lead the two-month voyage along with a crew picked from people nominated by the public. The project was run by performance artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters, who work under the name Lone Twin. The artists visited 20 locations across the region seeking wooden donations to be used in the building of the craft. Members of the public where also invited to bring wooden pieces to their boatyard at Thornham Marina, Emsworth, from where it was launched. The only criteria were that the items were made from wood and had a story behind them. They plan to gift the boat back to the region as a permanent resource for the public. Thank You Janet!

After a convivial evening of Bonamassa and wine we were both keen to view this novel craft which may afford me the opportunity to touch the guitar that was once in the hands of my all time hero. The sky looked bright but the rain bearing clouds to the west were not too far away, but search as we may there was no sign of the Collective Spirit so we decided on breakfast. Each of us had our own plans for the day ahead, but before we had even finished the Eggs Benedict and Pancakes the heavens opened forcing me for one to return to base! I found myself on the bus with an old 'sparring partner, none other than Weymouth Rock Legend
Mr Thunder has brought much joy to untold numbers of people across this Borough and many others. Great to see you today Jimmy!
The old Rocker wore his hair too long,
wore his trouser cuffs too tight.
Unfashionable to the end --- drank his ale too light.
Death's Head belt buckle --- yesterday's dreams ---
the transport caf' prophet of doom.
Ringing no change in his double-sewn seams
in his post-war-babe gloom. Now he's too old etc....

Otherwise it has been a quiet day on the ranch working on my next adventure, trying to get Elizium - Fields of the Nephilim onto my i-Pod and catching up with a few mates. To that end I'll need once again to visit the archive to bring you 'half a dozen' Birds of the World:-
 ADELIE PENGUIN - Antarctica


KORI'S BUSTARD - Australia

and finally from Dave Harris, via brother Paul, perched in a Grandstand position during yesterday's most memorable OLYMPIC ROAD TIME TRIAL CYCLING EVENT these astonishing 'close-ups' of not only
Bradley Wiggins - Team GB, Gold Medallist, Olympic Champion and UK Sports Personality of the Year in Waiting?
Tony Martin, Silver Medal - Germany
Bronze Medalist Chris Froome - Team GB, but also a few lower placed competitors such as
Republic of Ireland's Dave McCann (27)
Fabian Cancellara - Switzerland (7)
Spaniard - Jonathan Castoviejo (9) and
Alexandr Vinokurov - Kazakhstan (23)
Congratulations to all Competitors and a big Thank You to Dave Harris


  1. Well...Well...Well....!
    I have to use the that old say'in...
    "Knock me down with a feather".
    Jimmy Thunder...I started off in the entertainment business in 1970. As a DJ, at Pontins holiday camp, at Osmington Bay..Long time ago now...And, l used to do a few songs down at the 'Sun-lounge' on camp as well...Then we used to shoot into Weymouth, and go to the Prince Regent or go and see Jumpin' Jimmy Thunder at ? (Can't remember the name of the pub now)....Golden Eagle? It was a pub near the railway station...Anyway..
    Always remember him dressed in a red velvet dress suit..Brilliant...
    Thanks...Made my week....! :>).

    1. Morning Willie
      I had seen Jumpin' from a distance a couple of times lately, but yesterday he got on the bus with me so had a chance for a chat. The Golden Eagle, next door to 'Aggie Westons', was his HQ playing there regular and often but played several boozers in the King Street area. It may be of note that in those days if you stood outside the Railway Station and turned 360 degrees you would be able to see 21 pubs. Looking forward to hearing a song when you get down this way (mayba a duet?)

  2. Hi Paul, you have got Sir Bradley's image twice at the top. You have placed his image in the place where you should have Chris Froome's image.
    Kind regards

    1. I'm not surprised Roy, seem to be in the middle of a 'cock-up fest' at the moment. I will make best effort to rejig both Sir Brad and Sir Chris but have to concentrate on Dorchester's SIR Peter!
      Best Wishes Bagsy