Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Toad - Cream

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Candidate for the quietest day of the year, even walking though the rain yesterday was more profitable than today. With the wind now firmly in the north west and still a very good chance of more rain to come, the cemetery was devoid of wildlife save for this
which also disappeared at my approach. The walk from Pulpit Rock  along the East Cliff and onward to the Bird Observatory saw only Wheatear, Pied Wagtail and Rock Pipit entered in the log while a little light relief
was found when the Warden produced this Amphibian with warts like a TOAD and jumping like a FROG, I for one could not make head nor tail of it?  An early return to Weymouth which now seems deathly quiet after all the excitement of the last few weeks
where the Sand Sculpture Arena seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of time to be completed.
I found the visiting Sail Training Vessel NEXT WAVE of interest
and delighted to see youngsters climbing the rigging, while
this plaque in the quayside is something I had not seen before.
It was also of note that the Old Harbour Master's Office is up for sale, which would likely make a fine private dwelling.
All else today was this smart looking WHEATEAR that visited my garden this afternoon the first ever to do so by my reckoning.
This common species has been spotted here before but only once and that was on the roadway outside of the property.
Common, but always nice to see - here's hoping for a little more action tomorrow!

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