Saturday, 27 October 2012

China (Boo Hoo) Girl - David Bowie

Well, you were notified earlier in the week, we haven't left the house today! Bright, sunny but cold for the duration the day didn't start as well as was hoped as I knocked my c1750 Qianlong Charger off the work-top, score at 08:30 Me 0 - Antiques World between £250 and £300 quid. Looking on the bright side, at the end of the day it's only a bit of Chinese Junk, well it is now. Otherwise, everything has progressed famously with quiet a few mails on the subject of the Pale-legged Mist Warbler (see Comments at foot of yesterday's post), mammoth progress at home along with a relaxed late afternoon drooling over the prospects on the next trip. All else on offer are a few photographs from the window of the Secret Coffee Lounge on Portland. 
One of c4
plus a single
GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, now seemingly semi-resident in gardens hereabouts. Hope there's time tomorrow to visit the archive at the very least.

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