Monday, 7 January 2013

Jamaica I

As ever an early arrival allowed us to maximize the day and the most likely place to pick up a few 'endemics', and other
was the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary about 30Km from the ship.
Just a short wander around the dockyard, prior to getting a taxi turned up LOGGERHEAD FLYCATCHER* the first 'lifer' on Jamaica.

It was then that the lady Security Officers took over, suggesting we hang around the flowering bushes for a while where we would be sure to see a Hummingbird or 2.

First on the scene was the 'endemic' RED-BILLED STREAMERTAIL* of which there were 6 or more,
including this tailless 'juvenile'.
Also found only on the Island, JAMAICAN MANGO was less easy to pin down
this being the only, flukey, shot of the day. I be giving a little more time to this tomorrow.
For now it was time to negotiate a taxi, and Neville was soon driving us towards our destination,
with first on show being another 'endemic'
These shots qualify as the 'best' I have ever taken of AMERICAN REDSTART (female) but seemingly still room for improvement.
Things now started happening quickly as we left the broken down centre and took the steep, downhill path into the jungle.
JAMAICAN ORIOLE* (E), 'endemic' status shared only with the tiny island of San Andre,
RUFOUS-TAILED FLYCATCHER* (E) all were seen in quick succession before we reached the bottom of the ravine.
Once there an OVENBIRD broke cover but only for the shortest of intervals, while
this MERLIN did stay a little longer.
The Sanctuary Guardian FRITZ, our driver NEVILLE along with PETER DAVIES all scanning the canopy for the next contender.
Just a bit of FUNGI to keep you going until tomorrow.

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