Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Jamaica II

What may well be considered a continuation of yesterday and equally successful at that as the first to be added to the log was the Islands own
Another OVENBIRD was found skulking around the buildings at the top of the hill, and
as for these 2 LBJ's (Little Brown Jobs)
the jury is still out!
This AMERICAN KESTREL was very obliging, but that's when the photographic 'luck' started to wear a bit thin.
RED-TAILED HAWKs started to fill the sky, with the good conditions suiting both BLACK and TURKEY VULTURE. Others on parde, but avoiding the lens, included STOLID FLYCATCHER*, WHITE-EYED THRUSH* (E), JAMAICAN VIREO* (E), CARIBBEAN DOVE*, OLIVE-THROATED PARAKEET* and the 'miss' of all time ARROW-HEADED WARBLER* (E) in fact 2 males and 3 females - BOLLARDS!
Another conundrum, considered to be female ORANGEQUIT,
along with some better shots of WHITE-CHINNED THRUSH (seen for the first time yesterday),
what is considered to be a nice series of
NORTHERN PARULA, just wait 'til there's another in Dorset!
a lazy LIZARD
and a couple of BANANAQUIT enjoying some of the fruit provided.

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