Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rio Grande - Trad. Sea Shanty

O say was you ever in Rio Grande?
Way, you Rio
It's there that the river runs down golden sand
For we're bound to the Rio Grande
And away, boys, away
Way, you Rio
Sing fare you well my pretty young girls
For we're bound to the Rio Grande

As can be seen from the Puerto Rican flag flying, atop the hotel,
it was a little 'fresh' this morning with more than a 'chance' of rain.
The River Grande is no more than a 30 minute walk from the hotel,
so with prospects of a few things en route it was off for another adventure.
Long before the foreshore, on the football pitch in fact this
had decided to dig a nest hole.
Talking of such things, the Turtles (5 species) are also arriving for their annual 'sand excavation' but thus far all I've managed is the occasional 'bill' peeking from the surf.
One of the local OSPREY had already secured its breakfast,
but unfortunately the Caribbean Martins were flying a much greater
altitude so no photos. A little patience should have them in the bag
before too long?
At the beach/river estuary there were a good number of Waders in evidence, about 200 at a first guess, mostly SEMIPALMATED PLOVER. These would need much closer inspection.
ah, and something else.
One of c3
Then there were half a dozen, unusually, none too trusting
Just a single
before things got decidedly better!
More and closer
WILSON'S PLOVER (lest we forget)
and then, from nowhere, a PEEP arrived.
mingling with the Semi-P's
OK, not a massive amount of action, but certainly a site
that will stand another visit.
On the way back the CARIBBEAN MARTINs
were getting a little closer to earth, I'll keep my eye on them.

In the meantime the MOON is riding high.

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