Friday, 29 March 2013

San Juan Botanical Gardens - Part II

Bridge built by the early Spanish Conquistadors.
 A taste of some of the habitat.
All of this is connected directly to
all under the Star Spangled Banner.
 What's the Story? - Morning Glory!
after the acrobatics
a return to
the Nest Site.
That's one use for a redundant Termite's Nest.
a first for the trip.

While it was intended to leave you with this 'blooming bush',
even more friendliness visited me.
No even on hotel soil yet, I was greeted at the gate by this Puerto Rican guy who recognised me as English and launched into a tale of how he had lived in Surrey for 10 years. Not I might add before thrusting a (much needed) beer into my hand.
Now a Bar/Restaurant owner in San Juan, Bert then introduced me to his wife and 2 mates here on something of a booze-up. A couple of cans later and they were gone leeevingg mee two commmposs th Blug! Cherrs to Bery, Mary, Bill and Co.

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