Monday, 22 April 2013

Bermuda Birds

 'ANIMALS', my personal favorite Pink Floyd album.
Just before going to press today we learnt of the death of artist Storm Thorgerson. Among many others he was the designer of album sleeves for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Animals. He certainly left his mark.Read More
The second part of our stay in Bermuda and a collecting of the wildlife shots taken there.
The most common birds here were
our very own STARLING
with GREAT KISKADEE coming an equal third.
NORTHERN CARDINAL an addition to the Trip List
and GK in flight.
Is that Mr Stockley again?
I'd had the forethought to buy a 'one day bus pass' which served me well, especially as by a sheer fluke I was told of an 'almost sure fire site for a much respected bird.
The driver and passengers were kindness themselves and advised 
of the best spot to view
this being my first sighting after a wait of at least 30 seconds.
All of the birds were at great distance, so I took some time to ponder where might be the best vantage point.
Along this beautiful, clean and endless beach there was a
rocky outcrop where a pair of these birds seemed to land, so despite a bit of a walk this was where I headed.
Distraction arrived in the shape of
again distant but another unexpected addition to the
Trip List.
The habitat here plus pristine vegetation would have provided
interest enough,
but reaching the beach it was seen to be strew with 'thousands' of
a dozen or so TURNSTONE
a fleeting fly-past of AMERICAN HERRING GULL before
these 'sleek' beauties turned up.
Never 'point-blank', but you make up your own mind!

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