Sunday, 21 April 2013

No Jacket Required - Phil Collins

My 'new found mate'
had invited me, along with
SUE and WALLY, to an early evening party in his
Suite (yes, another SWEET)
prior to dining with these 2 lovely ladies from the ships
Sauna and Spa.
There is a 'strict' Gentlemen in Jackets policy in the 'posh' restaurant,
hence my first and only visit,
but when you look as big a twit as I you can usually
get away with 'anything'.
Bulgarian SYLVIA and
RUSANA from the Ukraine were the very best of company
while Martin busied himself with his 'party piece'.
This was the night before arriving at what would be for me a
Major Milestone on my World Travels.
Not only was Hamilton, BERMUDA my 143rd country on earth
but also completed my visits to 'every' recognised country in the
AMERICAs along with all the other major Islands.
For the most part the photo speak for themselves,
so will let them do so,
but everyone I spoke to on the ship agreed that
Bermuda is the cleanest country on the Planet,
including Singapore and that says something.
My first stop was at the tiny CENOTAPH, from
where the White Ensign flew and took the time to
salute past and present 'shipmates.
complete with 'GUCCI' B.M.W.
clock the bonnet badge.
A short bus ride out of town took me to the

where a pint or two were the order of the day and chance
to meet these lovely ladies.

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