Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Season's Upon Us - Dropkick Murphy's

was today's first destination but it would be impossible to visit
without a look across Portland Harbour to see what 'vessels'
had been blown in by the wind.
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Vessel DILIGENCE
was secured alongside Q (Queen's Pier) 7 (berth) while
a second RFA, MOUNTS BAY was secured on theOuter Coaling
Pier but inboard of her was something of a little more interest.
Having thought her lines were familiar on first inspection this
fine small Cruise Liner was quickly proved to be none other than 
Not only a 'stable mate' of M/V Voyager in which I have recently 
completed my epic trip to the Americas and Caribbean, but also
the ship that took me on my greatest trip ever - Antarctica!
Over the other side of the road there was also something to send the pulses racing as I spotted this unusual looking Tern perched on one of the small vessel mooring buoys. It was at quite a distance, but there was a LITTLE TERN alongside it (Year Tick) but whatever would have a 'black cap', 'white throat and belly' and all else 'black'. Before continuing I should give a full description of my eye sight?? On the cusp of ringing the Portland Bird Observatory for assistance, it was realised that the after part of the bird was in fact the 'rocker shackle' of the buoy. Yes, Should Have Gone To 'Spec-Savers!
Close encounters of the SANDWICH TERN kind.
and the carpet THRIFT makes me glad to be back.
A fine subject, the bird to the left being in 'full' adult plumage
while the other was as near as damn it, just showing a trace
of older feathers.
That's when the LITTLE TERNs started to appear in numbers.
Announcing their arrival with that delicate scream,
most were in flight 
while a few were landing among the
(these 2 were 'displaying' something not witnessed before)
both looking resplendent in 'Summer Plumage'.
Unfortunately, the ever present CARRION CROW
must see this as a time of bounty and, if the opportunity
presents itself, will readily devour both eggs and chicks.
So, ever southwards towards Portland and the first visit to
Dear Friend
The Surreptitious Imbiber of Effervescent Libations
There followed an extended period of 'pulling up a bollard', 'swinging the lamp' (plus the lead), 'spinning a dit', 'shippin' 'em green' and other such nautical pastimes.
In between bouts of Juvenile
and Adult STOCK DOVES, Wood Warbler and a
our 'shipmate' Martin (Mego) Powell joined Secret and me.
The Big Boys at play valve was now wide open!
and as if by some sort of coincidence an ex-Royal Maritime Auxiliary Launch was 'on the stocks' back at Ferry Bridge. All 3 of us had at one time or another served in that Shipping Line. I am reliably informed that this had once been part of the Fleet at Devonport (Plymouth), now under private ownership and transported here by road for a refit.
In my relentless search for new sounds, bands and visual spectacles,
my latest acquisition are
if this lot don't do it for you (especially this track) and bring a 
huge smile to your coupon
then you might as well vote Conservative next time.

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