Wednesday, 22 May 2013

They Pulled Down Paradise - Put Up A Parking Lot

Soon after arrival back in Weymouth a late lunch (plus a tot or two) was shared with my friend Lesley Brown, and the prospect of a few additions to the lists during the next few days. Starting out this morning at 05:30 the intent was to enjoy once again the 'dawn chorus' that is associated with the reed beds at Radipole Lake. The songsters are mostly (Acrocephalus) Warblers, birds of the sedges and reeds, ably backed by a variety of common garden birds such as Robin, Blackbird, Wren and Song Thrush etc.

New on the scene since my departure are these ghost like and most pleasing sculptures at the northern end of the Rodwell Trail. Arriving at the reserve there was hardly a bird to be heard and after 3 circuits of the loop pathway a few Reed Warblers had come to life but not a single Sedge Warbler was recorded.
Heading towards Westham Bridge I encountering this young lady and her mum  who had, bravely in my opinion, rescued this HERRING GULL from the perils of the main road. We all agreed it best to leave the hapless bird on the grass verge close to the water, but just an hour later is was dead.
Looking towards WESTHAM BRIDGE there was the familiar
sight of the long staying

which had been seen on Lodmoor the previous day and
describes as "of unknown origin"
Closer inspection revealed a 'ring' on the left leg
which perhaps points to it being the original bird?
Walking the western pathway there was just a single and vocal
still seemingly looking for a mate.


and a 'call' Duck were all that was in photo range,
but Pochard and Bearded Tit had now been added to both lists.
After what easily qualified as the least productive and lacklustre morning I have ever spent on this once truly wild area I considered things could only get better. WRONG! That's when these 2 lumps if rock, completed with advertising hording
and this scale model of the Alamo were encountered. I am sorely tempted to 'trip off on one' but will resist save to ask, when are the 'mugs' pouring their hard earned cash into RSPB coffers going to tire of them nibbling away at the very Wildness that they are mandate to protect.
 MULLET in the Backwater,
CORMORANT in the Backwater and
my ol' mate JIM, who keeps my glass topped up at various local Rock Festivals, taking his daily constitutional and coffee. 

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  1. The young lady is my daughter sheona she is always helping animals I'm proud of her shame the poor gull died we had hoped he had flown away