Sunday, 2 June 2013

And Where The Raven Flies There's Jeopardy - Genesis

My final day in the Portland/Weymouth area was given over totally to birding, starting with a wander along Barleycrates Lane where little more than good numbers of jeopardy
juvenile STARLING,
were in evidence. The continued walk to the Bill and later the Observatory was blessed with nothing more than equally common fare so it was a hasty retreat along Bill Road to meet up with Secret at Sweethill.
A mob of c4 (one was an 'outrider')
added a little distraction, but the highlight of the day arrived in
human form.
ALWAYS a joy to meet up with, occasional visitors to the Obs,
First stop with Secret was
where first on view was
an adult LITTLE GREBE, first in Dorset this year,

feeding c4 young.
This COAL TIT almost came through the hide viewing port
as the Grebes also got a little closer.
We couldn't make out for sure what was being caught but they
looked like small worms?
Onward to Wareham Heath
where at one location we counted no fewer than 8
Arriving back on Portland were caught sight of a mutual
Shipmate and stopped for a yarn.
The Secret Lemonade Drinker with Kern (The Colonel) Forden.
was keen to show us a new acquisition, a gift from a grateful customer,
a copy in Portland Stone of the album cover
The Division Bell - Pink Floyd.
Before departing this
hovered directly above us before landing at New Ground
a public view point overlooking Portland Harbour and Chesil Beach.
It took off moments later and disappeared from view.
Finally, a word about

where I have been delighted to stay over the past 5 days.

The address is Weston Street, Portland which is centrally placed on Top Hill affording good access to all locations on the Island. Proprietors Ken and Christine Hind run an excellent house which qualifies as the cleanest and best maintained hostelry I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. Add to that their warm, helpful and friendly service and a hearty (multi choice) breakfast, I doubt you could do any better if you are planning a stay hereabouts.
My THANKS go to the family who
added so much to my all too short stay!

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