Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cast Not A Clout

'Till May (Blossom) Is Out which it certainly is here.
Now returned to the
for just a few days before my travels continue once again.
No far flung 'Desert Islands' or 'Far Away Shores',
no, this time very much within the boundaries of England.
There has been time for a couple of sorties since my return but little reward for the miles covered. Like, it would seem, everywhere else along the South Coast uncommon birds have been uncommon while migrants, with a couple of notable exceptions, have also been in short supply.
A favoured 'beat' along the River Stour where Reed Bunting and
Cetti's Warbler have been found in reasonable numbers, but so far
Sedge Warbler have are still absent.
MALLARD and BLACK-HEADED GULL rest on a floating log.
On the plus side Trees and other Vegetation appear to be in
fine fettle, with no signs of disease.
High flying Common Buzzard,
carpets of BUTTERCUPs covering every meadow,
and a low flying PHEASANT.
Barley and Maize were sown the day before I left for  Weymouth,
just 2 weeks ago, since when both have grown 6 inches.
also present a game of two halves, with 2 pairs still in attendance and look to be 'sitting'. On the other hand, during spraying operations last week 2 chicks were encountered and given a wide berth only to 'fall' to a
Common Buzzard later in the day.
Always a huge bonus to meet up with Mousie the Game Keeper
when here and catch up with tales from the wild side.
He showed me the newly planted Game Crop, not intended 
exclusively for 'game' birds, bordering many of the fields and
beneficial to all other birds as well.
With that a distant
appeared, origins unknown as they don't 'put them down' here.
A small stand of ASH saplings
and HORSES CHESTNUT of about the same age.

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