Monday, 17 June 2013

Four Ducks On A Pond - A Grass Bank Beyond

Having been here a couple or 3 days now I thought the time right to give these wee men some proper education. After breakfast we put on

Joe Bonamassa 'Live at the Royal Albert Hall' DVD which the children, especially Alex, seemed to be enjoying - YES!
During an early morning stroll Fred climbed the Castle Gate.
Then it was off to the Wildfowl Trust
met by hungry Jackdaws.
Greylag Goose
Bewick's Swan
male and
female Eider (the year Ticks were now pouring in)
Young Shelduck
before things a little more exotic.
Ne Ne or Hawaiian
Red-crested Pochard

Falcated Duck
 Now here are "Two Little Dicky Birds"
One named Peter, one named Paul,
aka Naturalist Peter Scott and Capt Bagsy
Bar-headed Goose
White-headed Duck
Carolina Wood Duck
Common Crane
Red-crowned Crane
Wood Pigeon??
So, with lots of help from 3 little boys
labelling the exhibits has now become
There is also the small matter of playing
'Firering the Rubber Snakes'
across the lounge.
of my own making so I'd better get on with it!
Yes I know, things seem ROUGH (ged'it)
but I'll miss these Little Tinkers when I have to leave.
Thanks have to go to Fred, Alex and Benji for their help
with the production of today's post.

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