Tuesday, 18 June 2013

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

All too soon the visit to my family York is coming to an end and, as a period in the 'wilderness' is about to follow, so might the Blog. With little in the way of direction there must soon come a time when the decision has to be made where the 'back-pack' has to be parked. Dependant on just what I do get up to, it is hoped the occasional post may be published but please don't hold you breath. In addition be aware that the next knock on your door may turn out to be me looking for a bunk and a tot, so best peek through the curtains first. I'll leave you with some of the images taken over the last few days of those 3 little monkeys, who I have grow to love even more, and their devoted Mummy and Daddy!
Alexander, Bernard, Benjamin, Lisa and Frederick
Same combination with Bernard replaced by Grandpa Bagsy
and again,
and again.

Grandpa Treats
Early Morning Scamps

 and I'll surely miss that pre-school run morning and afternoon.
 Alex in the Jungle
and bedtime reading.

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