Sunday, 7 July 2013

Angel of the Morning - Pretenders

The intention today had been to try for the Golden Pheasants on Furzey Island, Poole Harbour which involves long distance viewing with a telescope, given that the bright lights of Bournemouth International Airport, less than a mile from my bedroom window, were completely obscured by dense fog Plan B was put into operation. A quick look through the overnight catch in the Moth Trap, which threw up 4 new species for here, including
it was then a drive to Weymouth to see what Radipole had to offer.
Only having walked the couple of hundred yards to the 
Shelter on the Loop
a c15 strong party of
mostly juveniles
landed in the reeds almost at touching distance.
The only 'adult' seen among the flock.
Scanning from the Shelter there was a fair bit of
underwater disturbance some way off
could  it be Otters?
No such luck, but it was the biggest shoal of CARP I have ever seen here.
followed by the best sighting of the day,
my friend and fellow 'birder'
Lecturer and Naturalist Bob Ford.
From recent reports received there was chance of a couple of good birds
including a very unseasonable WIGEON, which I claim to have heard only,
and a male RED-CRESTED POCHARD which was seen but not very well.
Both images are from the archive.
There was also a Kingfisher knocking about but more 'unexpected' were
one among the Sedges
as another flew over the hide.
This morning I received an e-Mail from Bob inviting me to publish
his excellent video footage of the Red-crested Pochard
for which I thank him.
Further to that, I'll take the opportunity to suggest to any of our readers who would like to find out more about the Natural History of Dorset to contact Bob who is a Guide of the very best - I can guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy his walks.

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