Monday, 8 July 2013

They Only Come Out At Night - Lordi

Had it not been for my love of birds the word 'crepuscular' would still likely not be in my already limited vocabulary. The word refers to those creatures that are active primarily during the periods of 'twilight', that is to say 'dawn' and 'dusk', one of which was to be my intended target today.
The magnificent Golden Pheasant is not a natural resident of our homeland, nor for that matter any other European country, but an introduction by man from the Far East. As there are a few self sustaining breading colonies in Great Britain all but the die hard purist 'birder' will add the species to their various lists.The stronghold is around the Sandringham area of Norfolk, where HM The Queen occasionally resides, but a few exist on the larger islands of Poole Harbour. 
Passing CORFE CASTLE at 04:30
and selecting a favoured spot along the Sandbanks Road, best placed to view the small boat slip on FURZEY ISLAND centre. I only got one hour at the 'scope before human activity put paid to any further chance of locating a bird - ever onwards! Next stop Great Plantation, a site that could produce any amount of wildlife.
I could hear at least one
immediately leaving the car, and while it was too nervous
to be approached at least this Record Shot was achieved.
 TURTLE DOVE (archive)
Reaching what used to be the old council rubbish tip, now all but
impenetrable, the area seemed alive with Deer.
If Deer were numerous, then
were here in 'swarm' proportions

while the lairs of what I believe to be
covered much of the ground.
There were several family parties of
but even better WOODLARK remain on site.
Partway across this tract there is usually a bog but the warm weather
has put an end to that for the time being. This allows close approach
to one of our SUNDEW (Carnivorous) Plants
Returning to the car this Vintage Car was turning, and although the driver offered a friendly wave I was all too slow to get any detail. Next on the list were Green Hairstreak Butterfly and breeding Sand Martin but sadly there was no sign of either at the traditional sites.
There was however a
before heading back to the farm at 08:00.
There were surprises there also as I located the first record of
on the property unless Hugh puts me right on their return. Secondly, and contender for 'Bird of the Day, on my way to the Moth Trap a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker flew into a nearby Alder tree. A full half hour was spent trying to locate it but to no avail, but be sure it will be looked for again.
I have more than enough difficulty with the Macro (larger) Moths without even attempting to tackle the Micros, but when interesting looking Insects show up I'll post without ID. The first is one of theTortrix Family.
Another Micro one of the
Plume Moth Family
 Today's headline doesn't refer to my favourite track from Norwegian
Euro Vision Song Contest Winners and
Mega Monsters of Metal LORDI no, that little pleasure I bring you via
this link. Be advised, make sure the children are 'locked away'!
Blood Red Sandman

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