Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Honey - Bobby Goldsbroro

With reference to yesterday's Post some information from a Regular Reader.
While the fine weather continues to attract lots of Insects to the 'trap', it doesn't inspire me to walk too far so when the nights catch had been sorted, photographed and released unharmed it was decided to take a short drive through the local countryside.
Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus investigator)
A rather novel Bug in the trap and one never encountered before. Wiki tells me they are scavengers, living off and breeding in rotting carcasses. Their body pattern is striking but nothing compared to an acute sense of smell which is reputed to allow food location up to two miles away!
On the drive, which was of little more than 2 hours duration,
an unlikely candidate for the Day List was
which although high flying did put in
2 appearances before flying purposefully to the west.
En-route I met NICK URCH a mate not seen for all too long.
Time for a bit of a natter while recording Chiffchaff, Yellow Hammer,
Jay, c2 Shelduck, and ditto Sparrowhawk among others.
Good to see you Nick!
Back at Parley and another 'first' for me on the property.
While it is certain COOT have bred here historically
this is the first time I've ever caught up with the young.
The RED ARROWS are still around
allowing a couple of 'quick reaction' photos.
While this Blog has never been a vehicle for advertising or for that matter supporting any cause, no matter how dear to the heart, I consider this to be a serious exception. Through my friend John Gifford I have been able to follow the progress of the WWT and do what little I can. Most are pushed during these times of austerity, but when we are down to just 100 pairs of Breeding Human Beings maybe that also will be too late. All that is asked is you simply watch the 'full length' of this video - then decide!
Save a Spoon-billed Sandpiper 
Finally, another 'house guest' arrived in the shape of a
which was left for a short period to relax, but only allowed a
folded wings pose.

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