Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sonic Bird - Hawkwind

Another sweltering hot day, so a good one for finding that elusive waft of cool breeze and staying there, which is more or less what I did. Despite the lethargy there were a couple of interesting things to report starting with the Moth Trap which produced 2 new species* for the Property List.
In the same division
 The BBQ was all but ready when Janet spotted this 'raptor'
 perched on the Bird Table. No more than 10 feet away,
 you'd be forgiven for thinking an unusual perch for a
but given the feeders are topped up with continuous regularity and attract dozens of small birds it makes a fine Feeding Station for this species as well. Also not the norm it remained there while the camera was recovered from the lounge before plunging into the depths of the bush where there were still a number of House Sparrows and Goldfinches. It flew off a full 5 minutes later 'empty talloned'.

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