Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Learning to Fly - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

A 'serious tragady' occurred last night as the timer for the Electric Dustbin didn't activate at 22:00 and even with my wealth of 'electrical skills' the darn thing remain off all night - it can also be reported that the big toe of my 'kicking foot' is slowly feeling less painful. No matter, the Cavalry turned up just in time to save the day as my Mate John Gifford sent word of Little Ringed Plover at Blashford with 'chick'! Just a 15 minutes drive, as soon as the 'Truck' became available, I was down there but after a full hour at the given site and discussion with others it was given up as another 'dip'! Nil Desperandum, as there is always 'something' to see at  this fine Nature Reserve even, as in this instance, common to some of us.
c15 in all were proving bold except when a lady asked what had
been seen and they had temporarily disappeared.
lots of
along with even more juvenile
and this 'Crest Fallen' LAPWING were on show,
a busy 'summer plumage'
an 'in flight' Egyptian Goose
and one in company with a POCHARD.
juvenile Black-headed Gull,
then in flew c2 REDSHANK perched briefly before
flying to another bank and
settling. It was a fairly brief visit but on my return Hugh was able
to give me the answer to "why so many photographers yesterday"?
Turns out a SEA VIXEN was visiting
Bournemouth International Airport
but after landing spent the rest of the time just taxiing
up and down the tarmac.
I was just in time mid-afternoon to see this Old War Horse
take to the clear blue sky of Dorset.
Just received an e-mail from my Mate Dave Higginson-Tranter
Fungal Punk
informing me of his conquest of 'every' Butterfly on 'mainland' UK - a great achievement Matey! If your interested in anything wild and dangerous (and that's only the music) this link is strongly recommended.
PS - After a long bout of TLC the Electric Dustbin is all set to GO tonight.
 Diagnosis - The safety breaker on the wandering lead had tripped.

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