We'll start by casting our minds back to the 6th July when these 2 Moths appeared as 'unidentified'. Since then my good friend and Moth Mentor has sorted things out for me/us and submitted the findings with a most humorous note.
Hiya, the moths on the Blog are Light Emerald and (almost certainly) The Uncertain. It is often not possible to be certain about the Uncertain but certainly some people will claim that an Uncertain is certainly not an Uncertain. It is certainly a very difficult species to be certain about and one of the worst species to cause uncertainty in the inexperienced moth'er. If not it's a Rustic! ;-) Seriously though, my gut reaction is The Uncertain due to ground colour and prominent cross lines. Very tricky to do in the trap, let alone from a photo though. Cheers - and THANKS to you Paul.
There were c6* 'new additions' to the Property List in last night's haul, all of which I have caught before elsewhere but still needed help with the identifications.
(dark morph) HEART and CLUB
Despite the much needed help, this still remains a
most exciting start to any day!
 Stimulated by the report that 3 photographers had been seen lurking about the farm and the perimeter fence of Bournemouth International Airport, I thought it best to investigate. Most likely was the arrival of an interesting 'flight' but none of the above were seen to ask. Just the usual daily RYANAIR services and a bit of Military activity by way of this
(not on the airport really)
 CHINOOK Twin Rotor Helicopter
on the way back.
 Not quite as exciting as the morning opening of the Moth Trap,
but close, is tending to the
 Unwritten Rules of the house states "first up lets out the Chucks"
good then that Hugh is crepuscular!
 Not always the most pleasant of tasks, as I have already had to put 3 down,
but feeding and egg collection has a buzz all of its own.
 This mornings haul included this 'runt' which Janet predicted
would contain no yolk.
 It did but only as big as a Garden Pea.
 Next, was to check out the new developments at the Parley Pond
 where already a temporary bridge had been constructed to allow 
access onto the Island.
The plan is for this to be the new home for the 4 ALPACAS that have been here for some time but outstayed their welcome elsewhere. My suggestion of 'eating' them (which I have done on many occasions in South America and very much enjoyed each experience) was met with disdain.
 A chance to walk on hallowed turf where usually only the
Grass Cutter treads,
 and to find a GOOSE NEST (top) and similarly a MUTE SWAN
both of which I fear are abandoned.
 The STABLE, if indeed that is the correct term in this case,
is almost complete and later a more permanent 'fox free' bridge will
be built.
 Rain and wind allowing this is a familiar sight here late afternoon,
as HUGH and eldest son DARYL take to the court for
'3 Frames'.
and finally, all this talk of 'eggs' reminds me of a conversation I had with Jim the Medic onboard the Buchan Alpha Floating Oil Rig some years ago. He had made the coffee and I suggested we had a sandwich to compliment it, knowing there was some lovely Ox Tongue in the galley. "Not for me" said the Scab Lifter "I couldn't bear to eat something that had come from inside a cows mouth". "No" he continued "I'll just stick with an EGG banjo" - WOT!