Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ghost of the Navigator Iron Maiden

With little more than time to don my 'party frock' it was probably as well that again there was little in the traps. Heavy overnight showers and increasing southerly wind kept most Insects at bay, with the exception of these which time doesn't allow to identify. I'll take a stab at them without the aid of the Field Guide!
 First though was STRAW DOT but likely a Micro?
 This sickly looking COLLARED DOVE has been around the 
garden for a few days now, and can be approached to within a
couple of yards.
 Anyone for tennis?
The COMMON BUZZARD continues to be confiding and
enjoying what food it is finding 'on court'. It has been snagged briefly
in the netting which has now been taken down both for the season 
and its safety.
 Finally, the COLLARED DOVE flew into the Chicken Coup
and for its safety was placed in a box in the garage. Not far from
being moribund we'll make a further inspection before I leave.
This e-Mail,  which had to be keep 'under wraps', for reasons that will become apparent, spurred me to head in that direction as well as stirring much emotion. Earlier in the week Hugh and Janet had once again kindly invited me to go to the South of France with them, but for reasons that simply amounted to 'a feeling' I politely declined. Again there were a number of outstanding item in Weymouth/Portland to attend to, not least dinner with Lesley before she sets off for a one month odyssey in South Africa. That's when this Mail arrived which fitted perfectly with my now sorted plans.
Mine hosts ROB and TINA DIXON
the Strange Fella needs no introduction!
Hiya Bagsy - Tina Dixon of the 3 Compasses emailing! Long time no see - last time we saw you was at John and Sally's Wedding. Anyway, reason for messaging, it just occurred to me this morning that if you were in the vicinity you would want to know (if you haven't heard already as word seems to be spreading like wildfire!)  that The Three Compasses at Charminster is having a bit of a bash for the anniversary of 25 years of Live Music with bands that have played at the Compasses this Sunday the 20th October. Rob's efforts to keep it low profile have proved futile because now the Echo are running a story so all is lost so to speak........well, you know how small The Compasses is - 20 people and it is busy........50 and it is packed......!!    Hence Rob's concerns about the monster this may turn into.....!!    Doey has arranged for 14 bands to play from 12 noon to 12 midnight and there is talk of Ben Waters doing a slot but having looked at his website I see he is in the Scilly Isles this weekend so I am not sure how he is going to be in 2 places at the same time so we will see.....!!
So Bagsy if you are able to pop in sometime during the proceedings  - please don't bring a crowd (!!) - it will be great to see you!   If of course you can get anywhere near the place........??!! all the best
Tina (very worried of Charminster) Dixon !! XX
What was needed now, to compliment the day, was a headline that 
epitomises Rock 'n' Roll with a theme to match.
 the 'tools of the trade' of any Navigator
and no band could fit the bill better than the 'sensational'
From left Janick Gers (lead guitar), Adrian Smith (lead Guitar), Bruce Dickenson (vocals), Steve Harris (bass guitar and main song writer), Dave Murray (lead guitar) and Michael Henry 'Nicko' McBain (drums)
It is suggested you visit this link before proceeding to set the mood!
Probably my second favourite Maiden track after Nomad both albums
Brave New World and Matter of Life or Death would be strongly recommended
 (as performed Live in Rio de Janero)
I have sailed to many lands, now I make my final journey
On the bow I stand, west is where I go
Through the night I plough, still my heart, calculate and pray
As the compass swings, my will is strong, I will not be led astray
Mysteries of time clouds that hide the sun
But I know, but I know, but I know
I see the Ghosts of Navigators but they are lost
As they sail into the sunset they'll count the cost
As their skeletons accusing emerge from the sea
The sirens of the rocks, they beckon me
 As can be seen I arrived safely through the driving rain,
then the SUN came out. Loads of familiar faces.
 More of the same but the passage of time has dulled the memory
as to all the names.
Take my heart and set it free, carried forward by the waves
Nowhere left to run, navigator's son,
Chasing rainbows all my days
Where I go I do not know, I only know the place I've been
Dreams they come and go, ever shall be so,
Nothing's real until you feel
 Me in in the act again, just so good to be back on the
 Already well over 50 here
 and the evening is bound to attract more!
I steer between the crashing rocks, the sirens call my name
Lash my hands onto the helm, blood surging with the strain
I will not fail now as sunrise comes the darkness left behind
For eternity I follow on there is no other way
Mysteries of time clouds that hide the sun
But I know, I know
 No rest for the wicked ROB still has to pull a pint or two.
I see the ghosts of navigators but they are lost
As they sail into the sunset they'll count the cost
As their skeletons accusing emerge from the sea
The sirens of the rocks, they beckon me
Don't think there's even 'mains power' out here let along Internet
so it's a quick drive to The Royal Oak, Dorchester to publish.
More to follow tomorrow if I can still see!
Ghost of the Navigator - Studio Version from the 'Brave New World' album.
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