Monday, 21 October 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters

Most things are on the agenda as far as I'm concerned but drink and driving ain't two of them. The Three Compasses was heaving by the time I arrived late afternoon and on my return from publishing yesterday's post in the Royal Oak, Dorchester it was Molesting Room Only! Not as many familiar faces as I thought there might be, but the music scene anywhere changes so fast - no time to wait. First person encountered on my return however was the drummer with the Weymouth band Beaver
 NICK (whose surname embarrassingly I cannot remember)
who played at my 60th birthday gig.
 The bands change over was every 30 minutes and in all there
were going to a minimum of 14, dependant on who turned up.
 Won't try to bore you with details of those in attendance as most
of the names cannot be remembered but
a band not familiar to me, performed a tight set of well known classics.
 It got even more packed as the evening wore on.
 Bling Thing you make my heart sing,
you make everything groovy,
Wild Thing - The Troggs
 but don't put me off my sarnie!
 Not exactly my formulae for life
replace Can Be with 'IS' and we're getting somewhere!
 They all want to go MONGOLIAN.
 A/C B B's
 It was inevitable that things would spill out into the Beer Garden.
 Anyway, time to say goodnight to Rob and Tina and WELL 
worth the drive to see you again. My promise stands
"see you soon for a chat" Love Bagsy!
As for today, all I hear are the cries of 'Dirty Stop-Out on a day when it has been wall to wall rain and high winds. Back in Weymouth for the short term, along with my friend
we decamped to The Swan pub for lunch and along the way one or two other hostelries. You see it wasn't my fault, A Big Boy did it then ran away. Well eventually I had to drag myself back to this lovely little Bed and Breakfast but not before wishing my friend Bon Voyage as tomorrow she sets off for a month in South Africa. Due to the weather I have already given up with the Moth Traps, but I did also see Secret and Jane this morning before off gallivanting! Hoping a better effort can be made tomorrow.
Yours aye - Bagsy
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