Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Kids Are Alright - The Who

After a pleasant week at the Portland Bird Observatory I am now back at Parley Court Farm where the weather seems to be set dry, at least for the next few days. A small matter that has been 'bugging' me since the publication of
 this photograph is the correct identification of the mythical beast. Some said it is Western Conifer Seed Bug, only recently added to the UK Fauna List, while others had other ideas, while I sat on the fence browsing the Web for inspiration!. However, with the receipt of 2 belated E-mails the conundrum may now be solved. The first from Bob Ford, the finder of the first British record, assured me that it is not a WCS Bug, but I have lost the mail telling me what he suggested it is.
 Next came a mail from Paul Harris who just last night AMAZINGLY and coincidentally pulled this
out of his Moth Trap. I think and hope that is problem resolved?
Not too much of a detour there was an opportunity to pay a visit to my 'little family' on the way back. Father Bernard was only see briefly as he left for work, but an adequate substitute, if you like, was Auntie Judy (left) here on a visit from South Africa.
 The boys are certainly growing but none more so than
the youngest who has changed dramatically in both
features and size.
 Middle sibling
 and FREDERICK the elder.
 Not a long stay but time enough for a game of
in the local park.
 Back at Parley there were developments too as the
 rises above the lawn.
I have been told the first paying visitors should been shown round
this time next week!
A dry and humid night attracted a few Moths to the trap
 including another specimen of the beautiful
 and an addition to the Property List
Being about the only Saddo who keeps an 'Ongoing Monthly Bird List' there are a number of options here to add during October best of which has to be Barn Owl. Now 'heard' from the bedroom virtually every night and seen at regular intervals it was considered an almost certainty. Egyptian Goose, now all but resident at the Avon Causeway, is another and far less likely was the Red-crested Pochard which has graced the Longham Lakes every day since my departure. I can report immediately that the first 2 have been absent, although other family members did hear the Owl last night. If there has ever been an example of Farming Malpractice it was found at the Causeway this morning. Hard to believe, but the farmer has put Cows in the meadow scaring off all the Geese - Boo Hoo!
taken through the glass of the kitchen window on the 'feeders'.
 A poor shot of one of 2 STONECHAT at Longham
 and a lovely gathering of MUTE SWANs
was available but at great distance, almost a silhouette.
Anyway there was no time and even less energy to continue the 
search as I had to return to barracks to take up the duties of
'Lord of the Manor'.
Today is a very special one here at the Manor as family member
(Ladies Beach Volleyball) gets married,
so while JANET, HUGH, CATH and DARYL are at the celebrations
I must quickly scurry back to the Wine Cellar to 'strike' while the Cat's Away!!!!

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