Sunday, 26 January 2014

Anyway - Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)

It is likely that the Big Companies, when forced into a corner, will tell you anything to get you off of their backs. The truth without, it seems the Internet disruption is only down in part to the weather the main reason being the problems BT are having with installing the Fibre Optic system hereabouts. A familiar story, as in recent times Portland suffered a similar 'outage' which took some while to rectify? Anyway, (they say that she comes on a pale horse but I'm sure I hear a train) as it's chucking it down with rain and there is a chance to get On-line (who knows for how long) so I have confined myself to a cold office (no Internet in the house) to hopefully get some way to getting up to date. On Wednesday (22) armed with updated information and still following my own hunch I returned to Blashford, and particularly Kingfisher Lake, to see if the
was on show.
With no luck on the previous visit to the East side of the lake, where the waters are more or less obscured by vegetation, story has it that it has been seen to the West. Arriving at the end of Hurst Road, a cul de sac, I had not even left the car before a birder emerged from the pathway to inform me that the Duck was on show but at a distance. Not content simply with this, he erected his tripod. focused on the bird allowing me to see it across the lake. With the exception of Friday, which is a tale in itself hopefully to be published tomorrow (don't get too excited), I have visited the waterlogged area of the Avon Causeway daily in the hope of adding Egyptian Goose to the 'ongoing' Dorset January List. Even at the time of writing this has not been achieved and can only thing these fierce but beautiful birds like to get to terra firma for long periods?However, during these visits
have been extremely numerous, not even allowing me to estimate numbers,
have been there by the dozen as have Lapwing, Canada Geese, Black-headed Gull along with a few Pintail, Shoveler, Mallard and Shelduck but the best finds have been 2 species not encountered there before. In the first instance my attention was drawn not only to the sight of a guesstimate 200
some already starting to show the rufous vestiges of summer 
plumage, but also the cacophony of their chatter as they fed in the 
flooded margins. Next came c2
an addition to the Dorset Year List, along with singles of Little Egret 
and a singing Cetti's Warbler.
For most of Saturday morning sanctuary was sort in the Tern Hide at Blashford Lakes keeping out of the rain. Always a decent selection of Waterfowl here which included Egyptian Goose (frantically trying to 'flush' into Dorset), a few Goldeneye (both sexes), Pintail, lots of Little Grebe and pick of the bunch c2 Black-necked Grebe. However the 'title' was short lived as with continued patience a female
was spotted among the Pochard.
That's when Bruce from Gillingham (Dorset not Kent) arrived, someone I have known in birding circles for many a year but never got to know his surname. He was pleased to see the birds mentioned, but beat a hasty retreat when told of the continued presence of the Fudge Duck!
Being such a beautiful creature this image, from the archive, of a male
Ruddy Duck
is added for you pleasure.
Most hours of daylight yesterday were given over to the pursuit of 'one species', an addition to the Year List, but that also will have to be Posted at a later date - my legs are freezing!
15/01               No additions
16/01               158            128 
18/01               159            129 
19/01               160            130
20/01               160            131
21/01               163            131 
22/01               164            131
23/01               164            131
24/01               165            132
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