Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Johnny the Fox - Thin Lizzy

The weather continues to prove unseasonabley dull with overcast skies,
frequent outbursts of heavy rain, a brisk breeze and the 'glass' on Sunday at 05:00
at a summertime low of just +8°C! Not really Mothing weather but we continue to do alright.
At the second trap, while attempting to tease out not only the smallest but also
the most delicate Moth of the Day, we had a
 Potential Helper
 turn up in the shape of this young
(with Raven 'calling' from above)
not at all shy or in a hurry to leave, we continued to delve.
Within, there was also this
Continuing the Trials and Tribulations of being an 
Oppo, Man-Servant and Travelling Companion of
 Jim the Skinny Bloke 
we were, back in 2007,
 'Big in Japan' - Alphaville

Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono
Wearing bracelets of smoke, naked of understanding
Nicotine smears, long, long dried tears, invisible tears
Safe in my own words, learning from my own words
Cruel joke, cruel joke
Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono
A morning mare rides, in the starless shutters of my eyes
The spirit of a misplaced childhood is rising to speak his mind
To this orphan of heartbreak, disillusioned and scarred
A refugee, refugee.
 from Misplaced Childhood - Marillion
 To Yakushima Island for the 'endemic'
 on the backs of which the Macaques often ride.
We have been champing at the bit to bring you this next item, an update on the
as what is presumed to be the female bird continues to sit 
on what we are now confirming to be a nest rather that just a floating platform.
With a good deal of patience we have sat observing in the hope 
of finding other signs of life which thus far has produced no fruit, but
she was seen to be adjusting the shape of the 'bowl' of the nest
before continuing what is hoped to be incubation and then,
if you watch this next clip carefully,
seen to be
Turning Eggs
we have now seen at least 2 which is the usual number for such a clutch.
She was then seen to be covering the eggs with wet vegetation
and pieces of plastic that make up the nest before taking a swim.
After about 10 minutes she returned to the nest to continue 'sitting'.
Patience is a virtue, posses it if you can.
Often found in women, but never found in man!

Also 2007
I stopped an old man along the way,
hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies.
He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you!"
It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you,

 South Africa 2004

there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do,
(I bless the rains)
I bless the rains down in Africa,
(I bless the rains) 
  Gonna take some time to do the things we never had!
Africa - Toto
 There were also a good number of juvenile
on the wing.
 Rare Breed
continue to thrive particularly the 
A quick change of continent, but the last thing on my mind was a
Tango in the Night - Fleetwood Mac
but always be prepared for the unexpected!!
Listen to the wind on the water, listen to the waves upon the shore.

Try to sleep, sleep won't come, just as I begin to fade.

Then I remember when the moon was full and bright.

I would take you in the darkness and do the tango in the night.

Having spent the previous 7 weeks travelling from Colombia, though the safer parts of 'interior’ Venezuela, onward to Ecuador (including a 3rd visit to the fabulous Galapagos) and then in succession almost the full length of both Peru and Chile, arrival in Trelew, Argentina was a blessing. The plan there was to indulge in some serious R ‘n’ R but hadn’t bargained for what was to visit me next. An E-mail from my compadre J the M, was asking if my track would take me anywhere close to Buenos Aires on the 20 February 2010, as he and the memsahib would be arriving there on that date? The plan had been to perch myself on one of the lower cliff tops overlooking the bay, in hope of witnessing an Orca or two, broaching the beach at high speed, taking out a hapless Sealion and then tossing it around like a beach-ball before ripping it to shreds and eating it. Yes indeed quite a prospect, but compared to the possibilities that a few nights in BA with Doctor and Mrs Jim the Medic might throw up that was ‘small beer’ and of course Jim is bigger and more powerful than yer average Killer Whale! Another Chicken Bus, another relatively long journey it was good to arrive at the hotel he had booked for he and she, but not for me you will note. 
Since he met her he’s all but ignored me! “How much”? a hundred and twenty Pounds a night”? Thus far on this trip no single night’s accommodation had set me back more than a ‘fiver’ and most of the places were far better than this - well almost!
 Next day was a visit to the local Tonsorial Artistรจ to get my 'barnet' done, knowing
full well that not turning up at the airport looking totally ridiculous 
Jim would likely not recognise me and just pass me by!
Having hoped against hope, luck did not favour me,
as they arrived alright.
Having experienced this 'run ashore' before with another Shipmate and my Boss
Mike Hughes, it was a foregone conclusion that the first evening would be given over to
 The Finest Beef on the Planet,
 Malbec Wine
and deciding which to commit to your mouth first!
 My feeling remains that in Europe, but in the UK more particularly, we still
look down on the Restaurant/Catering Trade as something of a servile and lowly Profession?
In Argentina it is predominantly middle-age males that ply this trade
and it sure as hell wouldn't be me who would suggest the above to any of them!
There is but one way to end such a wonderful evening 
and that is a
It is doubtful that any visitor to BA would miss the poignant visit to the
 Grave of
Don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you.
All through my wild days, my mad existence.
I kept my promise, don't keep your distance

PS - in an effort to get rid of more of these infernal images
we will present a Cameo Post tomorrow.

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