Sunday, 23 July 2017

On My Radio - The Selecter

Jim the Medic would be absolutely livid should his name appear after that
of a humble Moth, so to keep him in a 
State of Torpor 
that now having been done, we can get on with the interesting stuff!
With it being
"An Ill Wind that Doesn't Blow Someone Some Good"
those of late have at least ushered a couple of the 
Moth Species more associated with Heathland,
not that often recorded here.
 an Insect not renowned for spreading its wings,
 so a bonus to see even a glimpse of the 'yellow' beneath!
and from further afield the odd migrant too, such as this
 along with
As promised a start to a short series of travel images and anecdotes associated with my
Ol' Mate Jim the Medic, a fine fella in every respect, who tells me he is about to retire.
We are already receiving conflicting reports, via the Spun-yarn Radio, that the
Skinny Kid is already weakening??
 J the M
Crooked Tree Camp, Belize, Central America
Billy (Rhubarb and Custard) Crumble
 nominated, right out of the blue, as
Guests of Honour
at the tiny township's
Fish Festival
The Good Looking and Modest One
Also in the company of the countries Deputy Prime Minister
Mr Richard Briceo
we were afforded the speciality 'dish' reserved for such dignitaries
BBQ'ed Pregnant Green Iguana 
complete with unlaid eggs!
In all honesty, they were delicious and better than the fate that awaited
should you refuse to eat them!
This trip was a back-packing adventure commencing in
Mexico City and concluding in Panama city having transited
our hotel in Merida, Mexico the back door route to the
 Kukulkan Pyramid
 El Crumble
The Observatory

Concerned about a developing rash on one of my toes, there was no alternative than to consult Jim, while on the rig, who immediately diagnosed the problem as Athlete’s Foot. Knowing me as he does he should have known he was wide of the mark, as already being puffed out just climbing the ladder between my cabin and the Sick Bay, let alone lining up against Usain Bolt! Prepared to accept his ‘cure-all’, he reached for a golf ball size pill from the medical cabinet, placed it firmly in the palm of my hand before disappearing into the back office. Perplexed, a search was made for a glass which was filled with water and just as the gigantic sphere reached my trachea in stomps The Doctor with a bowl brimming with hot, steaming water. “Here you are youth” he started in his usual masterful way, “dissolve that there pill in this ‘ere oggin then stick yer hoof in it”! - Yes, you can believe Lazarus was brought back to life.
Mexico, Belize and next was Guatemala where the highlights were undoubtedly
which we ticked from our rickety taxi immediately after we had crossed the border.
 The Twin Pyramids 

or climbing the still active
where an Armed Escort was mandatory to deter the local bandits.

You're halfway up and you're halfway down,
and the pack on your back is turning you around.
Throw it away, you won't need it up there, and remember
you don't look back whatever you do.
Better start doing it right.
 A little incidental music to quell the boredom!
 Now, let me recall "who was the only one to make it to the top"?
The Old Fella!
Cathedral Sand Sculpture, Guatemala City.
 was notable for the small enclaves

 that had likely not change much in thousands of years?
The International reputation of
is, let's say, "not good" but we found it a marvellously wild riot.
Waldo's Bar
is the hub and despite the 'bouncers' being 'tooled up' with
Uzi Machine Pistols and the like we ate, drank, danced, sang so much so
that not a single moment was recorded on celluloid.
we did.

was back to the ancient stonework
endless and empty beaches.
It was strictly back to nature in
 Our first attempt at 'digi-scoping' (offering a camera up to a telescope)
Like all good things this too was rapidly coming to an end
but we couldn't leave without a few days in
Unfortunately, this was also the moment Jim had to leave us
but we cannot leave without completing the story.
The Panama Canal
has to be the most fantastic fete of engineering in the world.
hands up if you disagree.
opposite which and where we stood is a magnificent viewing platform
and museum.
 Freighter heading from the North, Southbound.
even though now mechanised these land-tugs still retain the name of the
the animals that superseded them.
 Old Panama City
 is said to have been put to the torch by
 Black-Beard the Pirate
 who's body has never been knowingly found, but is said to rest hereabouts?
There was to be one amazing quirk of fate that was to end this incredible journey,
as we agreed as ardent Wildlifers we could not leave without visiting the
World Renowned Pipeline Road.
A huge tract of rain forest which is part of the supply of fresh water that is the
Life Blood of the Panama Canal. In essence, no rain forest, no fresh water and no Canal,
so theoretically this area should be preserved forever.
Good fortune had shone when on the previous day we had me a young male student, interested in Wildlife, who agreed to guide us for a few dollars. His advice was to take the bus about 20 mile out of the city to what he considered the best area. A fantastic day was had by all, but it was time to consider getting back via a bus service that was haphazard to say the least but will stop to pick up on demand. We decided to walk the time away and put a thumb up for any passing traffic. Within 15 minutes a 4 x 4 pulled up driven by a tall, lean, black Rasta Man who told us where we should sit putting me as 'shotgun' beside him. Reggae is not my favourite genre in music but what was coming from the front panel was startling, so obviously we wanted to know who the artist was? "That's me man, Charley Anderson bass player with the Coventry 'Two-Tone/Ska Band' The Selecter". What a chance meeting, but there's more, when asked by his wife Judy where we were going now, we reply just back to town to chill-out. Telling us that the best place to chill in the whole of Panama was there house, that is where we ended up being wined and dined and having a little sing-along in Charley's studio.
 Some refreshing beer and a bottle of his 'special' Jamaican rum, a BBQ and a
visit to the Harpy Eagle Sanctuary next door to their house which was part of
an old US barracks and once the home of the Commanding Officer.
Another Unforgettable Moment
 On My Radio - The Selecter Link
Charley front and centre.
'Selecter' is a Jamaican word for a DJ!
There's still more to come so 'tune in' again soon!
As a Footnote
 Not questioning Jim's medical prowess in any shape or form,
but still maintain that he could have examined my foot
without me having to take ALL my kit off?


  1. Have to say Capt..ALL! Yes! ALL! Your
    posts are amazing...but, this one..Wow!
    Love it! Caught it, first thing..then
    went downstairs for my lemon tea, another
    read through..and another read through now!
    Brilliant! :).

    Oh! My favourite with the shades
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    know! :0).

  2. Coming from you Oh Wine One is a compliment indeed, as you ara my freinda I kill you for free!! Have to admit a great thrill going back thought that SUPERB passage of time with 2 Shipmates no amount of money could buy. "Oh, did I hear 2 and a half 'P' - Sold". Best Wishes Matey.