Sunday, 24 January 2021

"Kicking Around on a Piece of Ground in Your Hometown" - Pink Floyd

 Yet another clear bright night with evey Heavenly Body on display and what a way to end any day just laid in the bunk looking up through the Star Tunnel the see the likes of this!

The 75% Waxing Gibbous Moon
(as nicked from Bomber)

The accompanyment, still under the cover of dark, came from yet another strange quarter as the


both of them, were giving it large

long before dawn as cumulus cloud chugged along the
English Channel
while a hard frost clung on to the tennis court and bearing in mind it's still January both
are now also in bloom.
There can only be one thing better than a "Bird in a Bush" and we were about to encounter it as approaching the Chicken Coup as trpped inside the hut, no doubt nicking the groceries,
this fine looking fella
There is just a certain something about having, or seeing, a
Bird in the Hand, up close and personal,
as likely over emphasised on the Portland Bird Obsevatory posts of a few weeks ago.
After clicking and clipping a couple of the now local
there it was again
enjoying athe newly found freedom
but maybe not the empty crop?
A further addition to the tribe as we approached the
Gravel Pit
where the previous c3
had redressed the balance adding a futher male bird.
c2 Female Tufties preening with
singing in the background along with a
and again accompanying Greenfich and c2 rather reluctant, but still in residence,
Bird of the Day
appeared along the Sewerage Works Fence at the very last knockings a male
which was duly added to the Year List before ending the day as it had strated,
with both
still knocking about.

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