Monday, 25 January 2021

The Taming of the Shrew - Bill the Bard

With the Forecaster’s seemingly a little uncertain they branded Sunday with being ‘wet’ from stem to stern. As it turned out here, there was rain in maybe Biblical proportions from 04:00 to 09:00 but followed by a severe outbreak of almost Spring-like Weather!

With rumour of Bomber's overnight success on Saturday in Weymouth with a

 it was decided to flash up just a single trap which was quickly extinguished at 22:30 as empty!     Just as well considering the rain soon after and with no Dawn Chorus either we started the drier part of the day down on the Southern Sector where was found a flock of an estimated 200
with just 199 of them flying off to the sanctuary of the nearby trees from where,
on one or other of these clips, you may hear them laughing at us!
There was nothing then until arrival at the Gravel Pit where just a single
remains in residence but where again the flock of
had increased by a further male bird to c5 but proving difficult to capture
before something else, quite unexpected at this time of year, caught our eye and yes it was a
with regular visitors likely remembering the December bird which usually avoid such
small watercourses during the Winter months, but a welcome 'first for the year' this time!
Back to the Tufties which being 'Diving Ducks' were continously feeding as well as being widely distributed most of the time
but with a little patience
both Ducks and Drakes
did eventually
Come Home to Roost
as it were!
With a great start to the year already in the bag it would have been OK to think that might have been 'it' for the day, especially when drawing a complete 'blank' along the
Sewerage Works Fence
but there was no intent to leave the Heath unchecked.
We still do not know if this 'clump' (the accepted 'collective noun' for a bunch of)
are the ones plying there way back and forth to Malasia in an attempt to keep us stocked with PPE as on some days the Clump seems to have been Shuffled?
However, no ? against the flock of c9
that flushed from underfoot before landing about 50 yards away and making for our second
First for the Year
as again regular reader will undoubtedly remember the fantastic breeding success of 2020
right across this area.
Before reaching the Goat Compound and during an attempt to lure a
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,
without success, we happened upon a small flock of feeding
which would not only have rounded of the Hat Trick of FFY nicely
but also the Day as well had it not been a case of

At this time of year there sems little point in turning the Reptile Covers as any self respecting Sloeworm, Smooth Snake, Sand Lizzard or Other would be well below ground in a hibernaculum of one form or another so this was just on a whim with camera primed in case!

can you see it yet?
There, scurrying around as fast as lightning under the corrigated iron cover, was a most unexpected
(we thank John Gifford for confirming identification)
Almost as if we didn't want the day to end, just a matter of a few yards from
Slight Return II our Caravan Home stood a
allowing for just a single shot before
taking to the wing and allowing for a second.

A day that could, on any other occassion, have been described as magical but had gone much further than that, as having met 2 amazing people en-route heavily involved with


'Brownsea Open Air Teatre'

Having been a supporter, along with many of the people around me, for a number of years, there were alway between 10 and 20 of us would attend the annual Shakespeare Production which was always a joy to behold. I have to admit to welling up as the conversation continued and have to hope those 2 lovely people tune into today's post which prefectly fits out headline. and is dedicated to them. Do hope to see you again - Stay Safe!

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