Sunday, 28 February 2021

Rainy Day Woman 12 and 35 - Bob Dylan

In all its Glory the


There’s a Snow Moon waiting in the sky 

He’d like to come and join us but he thinks he’d blow our minds 

There’s a Snow Moon waiting in the sky

He told us not to blow it ‘cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

He told me

Let the children lose it, let the children use it

Let the children boogie

Adapted from the Bowie classic.

While today's images might paint a picture of a bright, sunny day it was far from that as we were confined to barracks until 14:00. More an exercise of monitoring the watercourses, now the increased temperature has taken care of the freeze there were a few morsels on offer. We should also point out that this Post harks back to Thursday - we have been a little adrift!

Don't let the Early Morning looks fool you, Hell soon broke loose!
On the Main Pond
we cannot ever remember there being c2
being here together.
Through driving rain and thier continuous feeding activities akin to a
Fiddles Elbow
there was never a chance of a video clip but they were catching plenty of Fish.
Additionally and most surprisingly the c4
still remain in situ there, but time to head north.
No more than a returning male
in company with a single
while at the Gravel Pit matters were little better with no more than a single
(at least they are starting the return - good news)
a pair of
along with another
At these far more northerly latitudes it takes far longer for the
to bloom. A strange event leaving the Moth Traps until this late in the day, it was only good fortune that had us add another species to the Year List and the last knockings of Winter
but we won't go into that!

Attempting to end on an 'up-beat note', the first Weatear has already been recorded in Wales along with a veritable swarm of assorted Moths elsewhere, while Swallows, Sand Martin et al are also trickling in from the near continent - Us Next!

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