Monday, 22 February 2021

Short and (please add a word of your choice)

Now leaning heavily on the fact that Spring is less than a week away, again the weather spoilt what might have been a decent day. Never mind, little we can do about that, but take joy from the fact that the Hit Counter broke the 2,000 barrier. Many, Many THANKS All Round and keep advertising -Cheers!

With the ascendancy of overnight air temperatures we agian turned to the Moth Traps, but with persistant heavy rain accompanied by a stiff breeze hopes are not high!

Additionally, the day was also dull, but lean heavily on the fact that Spring is but a week away, in the hope that weather and appearances may start to buck up?

Red Sky in the Morning
"you know very well what follows"
Among the few were c3 distincly seperate
one close to home with another overflying the
Gravel Pit
followed by the last atop a Solar Panels.
Once agian a few Starling and the odd Fieldfare held station, while there was an unconfirmed suspicion of another Hawfinch but that aside it was left to just a single
at one of the feeding stations while this
simply made up the numbers!
We're still at it and endeavouring to buck our ideas up!