Sunday, 21 February 2021

Going to My Hometown - Rory Gallager Part II

It’s still raining, the wind has dropped away and the overnight temperature still clings to a +10°C but still no Moths. That is not the case further inland with some decent catches, while Wales has seen a first Wheatear and there was a Swallow at Wyke Regis, Weymouth yesterday!

 Crossing the B3073 and along the Airport perimeter fence we find ourselves at the

Gateway to the Eco Recycling Works
and a little further on the
Bridleway Looking North
with at either side and beyond what was at its inception
the largest
Solar Panel Farm in Europe
we do not know its status now but safe to say we are lucky enough to have access to all areas.
Once covered by turf production the
Irrigation Pond
served as the name suggests with this small
acting as winter sanctuary for at least a single
Again it's in the name as next door stands the now redundant
Gravel Pit
where who knows what might drop in, for example as in the past
Turning west we soon arrive at
Gibbets Firs
where in days gone by many a convicted prisoner from Winchester Prison spent there last hour, while beyond there stands one of 2
Late Bronze Age Tumuli
(both obscured by Bramble)
Solar Panels
before arriving at the northern extremity where
Chiffchaff Alley continues north as part of the
Sewerage Works Fenceline
where in the past have been found such scarcities as
The Works with a bountiful supply of Insects throughout the year,
is without doubt the most productive part of the whole
Recording Area!
The day ended with a real delight, at the relict section of the Heath, as we met the new
Alaska Digger Driver Mandy
far more pleasing to the eye than her male predecessor!

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