Sunday, 14 February 2021

Tired of Waiting (For You) - The Flock

  Worth a Listen if only for the Virtuoso Violin of Jerry Goodman.

With little sign of rain over the past few days and even less ‘white stuff’ no wonder the

River Stour

has returned to a more sensible level. That in turn saw the reappearance of the recently reported Water Rail and yesterday at least one

broke cover singing in both daylight and under cover of darkness.
A quick look at the female and
male BLACKBIRDs right outside the door and starting to look every bit like a 'pair'
were followed by a wander down south where,
and hopeing not to over-egg the custard,
the flock of

appeared to have doubled in size but blink an eye and the Northern Thrushes at least will be back in Scandinavia, "enjoy them while we can"!

Among them was the odd

but nowhere near the far more flighty but almost plague proportions of those in the
Frozen North
with very little along the Seweage Works Fence except for this
which endorses the rumour that the Council are going to 'waste' your hard earned
Tax Pound
on a totally unnecessary Cycle Track including the damage it will cause to Wildlife??

Met at the gateway to the Heath by 4 of the 5 irresistable 

Rare Breed Cattle
there was little to keep us save for a bit of
Demolision Activity
at what has become something of a
Redundant Aircraft Graveyard
All else was confined to the Moors River where
trying not to focus on the brances and twigs
stood c3
Now, talking about Over-Egging that Custard!!

we'er off out now!

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