Saturday, 20 March 2021

Barking at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

 Still a day or 2 behind, at dusk under the 3rd evening of the First Quarter of the

on our way to flash up the Moth Traps on the Heath in the gloom we encountered both
in quite unfamiliar territory while on entering the Moor we were met by this 'calling'
in silhouette only 

having to brighten the image a little.
Hopes were high at dawn as a decent overnight temperature had been maintained,
and we were not to be disappointed.
An early addition to the Year List was a not unexpected, but most welcome
quickly outflanked
by a most eye-catching
Having done a mini-rounds on the way to the traps it was soon apperant that
have now been knocked off their perch so to speak as the
most prolific songsters and more than overtaken by
singing at just about every location except the garden thus far.
Securing video footage has been a lot more difficult but a matter we will address as the days go by.
Back at the 2 home based traps the catch was far more paltry with far fewer Insects with one minor surprise which was the first
to be secured across the whole of the southern part of our area, while on the subject of detemination, as in Chiffchaff, we refer back to our hopes voiced on a previous Post of the opportunist and acrobatic
at the 'hanging' bird feeders
while asking the question,
"who was having most difficulty maintaining an
Even Keel
Cameraman or Birds?" And finally from our friends in Weymouth the first and only nest, with eggs, that we have been made aware of this year.

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