Friday, 26 March 2021

The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas

 While daylight hours now cover an arc of between 06:00 and 18:00 this leads to an earlier attendance at the Moth Traps while Sparking Up Time arrives later. Despite this and the continued average catches of around 60 Macro Moths of a dozen species has only seen one minor highlight in recent days

that of a far better looking
along with another
From the wider world we can initially confirm the return of the 3rd
but a little elusive
but now leading to suspicions of a 4th.
An introduced species to this country seems not reason enough for the fact that they never breed here but we have in the past mistaken an adult for a juvenile which, if ever proved would cause a furore! Here's hopeing D'Atagnan shows himself soon!

Additionally and considered of far greater value we have also, at long, long last 'seen' our first

on home turf
and better still
a vocal male still a little rough around the edges
which will tidy up once the Ladies arrive
and as a most welcome bonus even an occassional 'duet' with a Cetti's Warbler!
Additionally, the Hedgerows are also slowly coming into thier own with the
coming into Bloom in advance of the Leaves, while the exact opposite
will show Leaf before Flower.
(reminder "cast not a clout 'til May is out" whether you believe that to be the Month or the Bloom).
On the Heath the
are also gathering pace in both numbers
With still no signs of a 'True Migrant', regular readers will know we are used to playing the
Waiting Game
as surely they will also eventually arrive.
At the Gravel Pit this male
was a welcome arrival as significantly the only other area across the whole of the Recording Area where they readily breed, but only ever a single pair.
Finally, and on our way to illuminating the Heath once again with the traps, we noted c2 new
had arrived at the Main Pond but with both being male little likelihood of a brood,
but isn't the one left moving building material?
the margins have been 'lightly' tilled to stimulate Wild Flower growth as the
continue the uncertainty of a nest site while the
has no thoughts on such matters while we end with

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