Monday, 12 April 2021

Crawling King Snake - The Doors

 With the forecast showning overnight temperatures as kissing 'zero' once again we decided to ignor the advice and flashed up the Moth Traps at about 21:00 as has become usual. Early morning and there was something of an avian Eurovision Song Contest between a subdued

representing the foreiners and
fairly quiet as well
the resident community.
 Unsurprisingly, we were blessed with no more than our second of the year
encouraging an early decission not to flash the traps up on the night! 

A grey, grey morning followed with nothing new to report but by noon and after the sarnie and coffee it looked every bit as if Spring had Spring. If nothing else and a warm feel to the afternoon it was going to at least worth another try for daytime flying Moths, particularly Common Heath and the overlooked ritual of turning the Sunday

Reptile (Herps) Covers.
Under the very first tin a
as if to order
slithered into full view before returning from whence it came.
A keen eye, or as keen as it gets,
was kept on the purposefully laid
which give Sand Lizard's a perfect sunbathing spot we will be on alert.
The second cover also produced and this time an already surfaced
and likely sleeping
before being coaxed into action
and just about showing the distinguishing black 'heart-like' mark on the head.
It also quickly went to ground but 2 little gems which are always great to see as 'Firsts for the Year!
Still determined to find our 'flying prize' as the scene got progresively darker, we were expecting rain but not this lot
A light sprinkling of Snow at first
quickly turned to
a combination of Snow and Hail
which we call


and seemingly not at all to the liking of the maybe recently arrived
It disappeared as quickly as it had arrived but nevertheless we still could not resist flashing up all Moth Traps


  1. Watched a brilliant repeat on BBC4 last
    night..The British Garden Life and Death
    On Your Lawn..with Cris Packham..
    Going through the four seasons in different
    peoples gardens, with scientists etc..
    Studying and filming the life..insects etc..
    One garden had a moth collecting machine,
    lined with egg cases, as you use Capt..
    They caught 48 different species of moth....!

    Anyway there is a link on iPlayer if you'd like
    to watch runs for 90mins...Well worth a
    watch on line..

  2. Many Thanks for that Oh Wine One and if time allows will get on to that although not much of a fan of Packham. Just wait until this weather warms up and you should have your own show here. Best Wishes Yound Sir - Bagsy.