Monday, 26 April 2021

Swallow's but no Amazons

Well, as predicted yesterday's Post proved to be the Crowd Puller we hoped it would be smashing the Hit List previous record during the new generation of the Bagsy Blog!

2,285 of you and Thank You Very Much and more next Sunday.

A lot of

activity close to the homestead, long before getting to the Moth Traps, with both
and female birds looking in good nick so now just awaiting the arrival of
juveniles like these taken last year at the nearby
horse stable nest box.
Another 'first for the year' was this most welcome
along with a
Bevy of Brindled Beauty's
with one she-male leaving a small deposit which were scattered to the wild.
With the Sun up it was impossible not to include another
shining 'black'
just ambling by.
Along the main Bridleway
the first of
and first for the year
along with

yet another irresistible female
(the wait is long so "snap 'em while you can"!)
Returning to Base again it was impossible to pass the single
by at Pond-side and even closer to home
taken from the doorstep in fact
what may well be 'our' own
that nest readily in the farmhouse garage.

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