Sunday, 4 April 2021

Weymouth / Portland - Part II

 Leaving the Chinese Deligation to continue their discoveries, we made our way to the other side of Weymouth to wander around the

Lodmoor Nature Reserve

which for unknown reasons and after centuries the RSPB have decided to change the name????

Despite that the reserve was cramed full of Birds
(looking north)
(looking east)
and to break with tradition we will leave the Best until First whith a magical gathering of mostly Summer Plumaged
with no appologies for the 'overkill'
we simply could not resist the temptation of sharing as much of the action as possible with our
Much Valued Audience.
If the Blashford Nature Reserve in Hampsire is anything of a marker
then surely
are going to establish a breeding colony
across the long standing
Common Tern Islands
as at the afore mentioned and they will be due back sometime soon.
Dotted here and there were representatives of the more common
Waterfowl such as
sleepy and alert
a decent gathering of
while slightly less expected were a
"Fine Pair", as Pink Floyd might describe them of
Singularly the Bird of the Visit
had to fall to a
and none to obliging
(next stop East Parley please)
With the
in full bloom, a great attractant to Insect life, no surprises to find newly arrived
feeding and noisy
occassionally dipping into the briny for a dhobie.
The wander ended on a picturesque note as arriving at the
Preston Beach Road
to find the verges carpeted with full bloom
Don't worry it won't be long before the Council come along with their mowers, which seems to be the norm not only here. Along the Bournemouth International Airport Perimeter Fence every year without fail they transform Monet into Moribund!
Why, Why Oh Why????


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  2. Hello! I like and follow your blog about birds. 2 amazing the Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius) arrived today. There are not many species of birds in my country. So it was very interesting to watch them.

  3. Hello Aiste and welcome to the Bagsy Blog. Just to reasure you it was not me that knowingly removed your first attempt from the comments so???? I am so please you are enjoying our humble offerings and would dearly like to know your country of residence as a Man of the World. Meanwhile, maybe you would be kind enough to send our link to ALL your contacts. Thanks in Advance - Bagsy