Saturday, 3 April 2021

Mockingbird - Barclay James Harvest

  Rain, sea, surf, sand, clouds and sky,
hush now baby, don’t you cry.
There's a mocking bird
singing songs in the trees.
There's a mocking bird singing songs, just for you and me!

With virus restrictions somewhat lowered and with intentions of keeping our guard high, we decided to take the opportunity of an ‘away day’!

The plan was to meet Dave in Dorchester at 06:30, decamp to just one vehicle and head off west in hopes of connecting with a number of rather rare or uncommon Birds across 2 counties but not before sussing the Moth Traps with miner’s headlamp. First's for the year included

and a bonus of both
clinging to the egg trays.

Arriving 5 minutes before Dave at the rendesvous by the time he arrived the lead had already been taken as watching another 'first for the year'

sauntered across the road, onto the grass verge and under a nearby garden gate. 

Taking things geographically was not only the sensible option but also in rarity order but on our way to Exmouth in Devon we also got some decent views of

but maybe even better an orangy
rising from behind the rolling Devonshire hills.
There had already been some consternation at the first port of call as the first and rarest of our hoped for Birds had landed in a private garden with high fencing blocking the view. Polite notices had been placed asking Birders not to climb on the walls but some already had. There was a compromise as some of the attendees had sensibly brought along with them short step ladders which they kindly share with us making viewing both easy and profitable.
usually confined mostly to the USA
has only occured in Great Britain on 2 previous occassions
making it what is known in
Birding Circles
but perhaps more by
as a
It is not unusal that these 'little wonders' are difficult to relocate or see with uniterupted views after having traveled maybe hundreds of miles, but this one was not singing from that particular
Hymn Sheet
as presenting excellent and prolonged views despite the degree of difficulty.
We have posted all of the stills and clips that we managed to secure and will hopefully continue this journey tomorrow - Thanks for Tuning In!

There's a mocking bird singing songs in the trees. 

There's a mocking bird singing songs, just for you and me!

If Oliver’s parents are reading this I would like to give him a gift. If acceptable maybe we could meet at the car park we were at yesterday and you just state a time and date via this comment slot. - CHEERS - Bagsy

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