Thursday, 3 June 2021

Wild Weekend - The Rebels (1963) Part 3

Never in our existance have we dedicated a complete post to just one Creature but as the light faded on our Magical Weekend this was surely the Show Stopper so make no apology for glueing on every video and still!

Brock the Badger
That younger animal was surely getting some grief from the presumed parent!
YES, you can get too much of a Good Thing but nice to have the option!


  1. What interesting photos from the life of badgers. Thank you!

    1. Your most welcome ma-am and hopfully many more to come as we approach the MILLION HITS Mark. Cheers.

  2. The badger is truely an amazing creature,
    back in my teens l used to go camping in
    Durweston just to watch badgers..!

    Little good news..l see..New mass badger
    cull licences are to be stopped after
    2022 under plans to phase out culling of
    all wild animals...
    If you wish to help..Contact your MP...
    evidence is strongly against the cull..
    If a cull starts, join a peaceful wounded
    badger patrol..local patrols you can find,
    on the Team Badger Webpage..

    Great photos Capt..

  3. Thanks for the prompt oh Wine One do remember the days when they were on the menu at the Frampton Arms and bet you have had a taste but roadkill only. Cheers for now - Bagsy